The Imperial College Business School (ICBS) is located in West London, where the Imperial College London’s main campus is situated. More specifically, its campus can be found in the South Kensington district of the city. ICBS has undergone many evolutions, though it only officially opened in 2003.

Nearly a half-century earlier, the first inklings of what would become ICBS began to take shape in the engineering department. Those five students in 1955 lit the flame for a later collaboration with the London School of Economics. From there, a 16-year run as the Department of Management Science ended in 1987 and led to the establishment of the School of Management at Imperial College London.

That also lasted 16 years, until a benefactor, Gary Tanaka, provided the funds to officially develop ICBS. That financial investment resulted in the school having Tanaka’s name attached for the first five years before it became ICBS in 2008.

In 2013, hedge fund manager Alan Howard provided the funds to create a research center at ICBS. This allows students to have a specific place to undertake financial research.

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