While the Hult International Business School has six locations around the world, the Europe Campus in London offers a unique perspective of the role of business in the contemporary world. For one thing, the simple fact that London is one of the key financial centers of the world might ordinarily be enough to grab a potential student’s attention.

The specific location for classes in London will have those students situated in an area that allows them to get an up-close view of the financial machinations taking place. While this is taking place, the presence of media surrounding the area allows for a better idea of the importance of communication in business.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, students can pursue an advanced degree in either International Business or Marketing. Either that or they can seek one that’s attained through the taking of Finance electives.

Those students that are seeking to complete their educational obligations toward a Global MBA can choose either the standard version of study or one that’s geared toward executives seeking to advance their careers.

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    Some classes and lecturers are nice. However, university itself is very obsessed with MONEY rather than focusing on education quality. Also, it is not a UK institution so you will not be able to work while studying and you will have problem with working for UK companies after graduation. They say they will become UK accredited soon but they underestimated how difficult it is to get it. Anyway do not recommend at all. I am so happy after moving to different university.

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    Great Business School! Top Education! World Class Professors!

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    What does it mean “worldwide international”? Don t understand, is this a term taught at Hult?

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    could you please explain to me how to enter this business school with scholarship?

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    So proud of my daughter Isabella for her acceptance at Hult!

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    I really enjoy studying at this school

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    High class education and worldwide International

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    I love it… I go there and it is amazing

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