The Hull University Business School is part of the University of Hull and was created in 1999. In addition to instruction taking place in the cities of Hull and Scarborough, some MBA students are able to obtain their degree overseas. It is due to the school’s partnerships with other school around the globe.

The school itself is a component of the Faculty of Business, Law and Politics and focuses on five specific areas related to business: Accounting and Finance; Business and Management; Economics and Business Economics; Marketing; and Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

In addition to that focus, the importance of research for both teaching purposes and the business community is emphasized. In the latter case, partnerships with specific businesses allow them to invest in research conducted and eventually benefit from the information that’s derived.

Just like the breakdown of different areas of study, the research looks into many of those same business aspects. In addition, concepts like human resources, organization and ethics and the role of business at both the regional and international level are explored on a frequent basis.

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