Encompassing four different locations around Germany, Hochschule Hannover was opened in 1971 in Hannover-Linden. The school’s focus and commitment towards hands-on instruction is offered quickly and efficiently. The ability for students to work with the school’s business partners allows for them to gain experience and for those firms to develop a potential new pipeline of employees.

Besides the main campus, students can also learn in three other locations: Heisterbergallee in Hannover-Ahlem, Blumhardtstrabe in Hannover-Kleefeld and EXPO-Plaza. Those students can choose one of the five areas in which to focus their studies, which are located on specific campuses.

The Hannover-Linden is designed for those pursuing degrees in electrical engineering and information technology, as well as business and computer science. In addition, the school works in tandem with the Ahlem campus to offer classes in mechanical and bioprocess engineering.

Meanwhile, the EXPO-Plaza campus is for those seeking degrees in media, information and design. Rounding out the scope of the educational opportunities, instruction in the important area of social welfare work and health care is available at the Kleefeld campus.

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    Very good professors and a modern and temporally appropriate media equipment. The new cafeteria has become great and is now available for the Conti Campus in anything.

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    The Mensa is the largest dirt, everything cooked greasy and not fresh. A shame as compared to other canteens !!!

    Given no place to come to learn! Never learning courses are free or Bib. Ridiculous !!!

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    Thanks for the great time! Campus, cafeteria, Location, Bib near, super Profs!

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    4½ stars. This institution is more than an educational institution! You can learn for life !!! Well, there are some criticisms everywhere and it would be too much to ask in our country that a public educational institution comes without weaknesses. But the teachers who are involved, and these are the most, making FHH at a great place !!! What makes them particularly FHH is the close ties to the local industry. I see no reason speaks against the FHH and I can each matter where studied in Germany: Straining you to, then it’s already !!!! Nowadays one has to be an Einstein, and the industry needs masse people who can afford what !!!

    Incidentally, many lectures are packed, which can be avoided hardly because everyone wants to the supposedly best Profs. So there are also lectures that are not as busy. These are often not worse Profs but often just what the not repeat everything so often if some do not come. And these professors are often the most capable people from the field !!!

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    The construction work is almost finished, so you can now study in the new premises. Laboratory equipment at an industrial level.
    Students are very well looked after; Groups are not too large.

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    nobody’s perfect! implementation works (almost), ideas are processed quickly. who pretends nothing, nothing can get back.

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    So I learned a lot at the HsH. Much about people and learning about education.

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