The HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management was first established in 1898, but post-war politics effectively limited its availability. However, the end of the Berlin Wall in 1989 led to the re-establishment of the school in 1992. Since that time, the school has regularly achieved good rankings by various entities that look at business schools around the world.

Full and part-time programs are available to students seeking either an MBA or a Master’s in Management. Elective classes allow for a more customized approach, while core modules are geared to connect students with business partners that involve consulting projects. Within that core group, areas such as leadership, responsibility entrepreneurship and the value of both the customer and cooperation are explored.

The Executive Education program allows for those already immersed in the business world to gain greater knowledge through hands-on training that enhances the management capability and allows for greater understanding of the big picture.

One reason that the school has achieved high rankings deals with the ability of many MBA graduates to achieve higher salary increases once their studies have been completed. Such concrete evidence helps make the overall investment a good one for the individual and a business.

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    It has been a life transforming experience studying at HHL. I like the international and entrepreneurial environment here, as well as the strong support provided by career service, alumni network and accelerator. For me as an international student, the entailing German course is very helpful for me to adapt to my life in this country. Besides, I enjoy my campus life a lot, all the TGIFs, parties, exciting student initiatives that allow students to fully employ creativity. Life is also cozy and affordable in Leipzig.

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    Myself studied at the School of Economics in Leipzig from 1986-1990 and there the conclusion as Dipl. Oec. made. At the time this facility was still in the “Mercury House”.
    This page in Google +, however, is for a commercial college “very weak”. MFG

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    I had the opportunity to work together with HHL under my activities for the HPI in Potsdam and was impressed by the quality of the students and open cooperation with the management of HHL.

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