The Henley Business School is part of the University of Reading, something that came about because of a 2008 merger. That involved the business school that was already located within the halls of Reading and the school that was previously known as the Henley Management School. Two campuses make up the available areas of learning, with the Henley portion situated near the town of Henley-on-Thames.

Long before that merger, the Henley component was known as Administrative Staff College. The original goals focused on helping students not only advance in management circles, but also explore ways to address pertinent management issues that frequently surfaced among executives. That name stayed in place until 1981.

Three different options are available when pursuing an MBA, which generally focuses on instructing older students that have had a decade or more in the business world. A one-year full-time pursuit is available, with a two-year process needed for those that are only able to attend on a part-time basis. Those looking to complete their education through distance learning will need 2.5 years before they obtain that advanced degree.

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