The Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) was established in 2004 and offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees connected to the business world. From the undergraduate perspective, the areas available focus on business administration and business informatics, along with management that zeroes in on logistics, media and maritime concerns.

For the master’s program, a master’s in science is available in global management and governance. Meanwhile, MBA’s can be achieved in conjunction with corporate management, shipping and honourable leadership. The Executive MBA is crafted to allow those already in the business world to adapt and expand their overall skill set.

HSBA undergraduates achieve their degree within three years, rotating between classroom work and actually working with a business. That work results in compensation, with the business also contributing to the tuition payments of the particular student.

A unique doctoral program has also been set up through the Claussen-Simon Foundation. In this instance, a cooperating institution awards the actual doctorate but HSBA provides the framework to supplement the necessary dissertation projects. This includes assisting with research through materials and lectures.

The opportunity to study abroad is available to both undergraduate and MBA candidates, with more than 30 international universities partnering with HSBA.

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