The 1973 establishment of the Greenwich School of Management was the spark that became GSM London four decades later. That beginning was the brainchild of an educator that served as Aston University’s Dean of the Faculty of Management and Policy Sciences and his entrepreneur brother.

Those two siblings sought to break new ground, a concept that’s led to two other campuses besides the central location at Meridian House in Greenwich. The two others are based in different areas of London: one is in the southeast area of the city; the other opened in 2012 and is situated in Greenford, West London. Before that latter expansion, the 2006 partnership with Plymouth University offered the school the opportunity to award degrees.

Some of the innovations for the school include a pair from the 1980’s. In 1982, a Petroleum Management program was set up, followed four years later by business and liberal arts programs set up in conjunction with the United States based Western International University, offering what was a rarity at the time: American degrees being earned by British and other international students.

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    I’m usually quite a positive person and will try to see light in any situation. However, this was honestly a complete waste of time attending gsm, not beneficial in the slightest. I will give them one thing though, their marketing team are quite good at offering false hope and false advertisement. I hope they’re proud of their infamous achievements.

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    A disgraceful so called “university” that was investigated by the QAA and was found to have registered students on to their courses that had nothing to do with the degree subject, solely for the purpose of maximizing their profits.They don’t care, as long as they have your money you have served your purpose at this place. They are fraudulent and knew what they were doing, shame on the staff that come on here pretending to be students. Avoid this place like the plague it is.

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    GSM is one of the best university i can totally recommend to any one .Their staff are very helpful and very suportive toward your needs.I came in to register with GSM in 2014 ,I was assisted by a very gentle man called Johnny Fitzpatrick he was very helpful and helped me to aquire my dream.
    My level of learning and my communication skills have improved from the very day I decided to join GSM,and it is a pleasure to study in one of the best and well known university in the world.

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    I’m so glad i’m not the only one that see’s this trash heap of a company for what it is, even the staff don’t like the place and are exposing the lies this company is built on. Absolutely shocking! GSM London is nothing but a scam! A warning to anyone thinking of going here, it’ll be a massive regret.

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    I studied MBA in GSM London, it was challenging but It worth. Lecturers are experienced and the student gets the support from different areas to make the stay in London as comfortable as possible; also it has a library and computers so that the student can study comfortably, but the most important is that the degree is awarded by Plymouth University. It is highly recommendable.

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    If I could give GSM London 0 stars I would, it is most probably the worst university in the UK. I have never regretted anything as much as I regret being a student here. It is corrupt, disorganised, they do NOT care about their students, the lecturers are poor. During my second year, I had an IT module which was taught by a lecturer that decided to miss 6 out of 8 lectures and a tutor that sat in a corner and spoke to herself. The university thought it was best to compensate us by organising a ‘revision’ day during our Christmas holidays to teach us 6 weeks worth of lectures in an hour. The student services are ridiculously slow, unhelpful and unorganised. It took TWO months for me to receive my student loan during my first year due to a member of staff forgetting to process my application. The university allows anybody to join, regardless of qualifications; most of my classmates had no GCSE’s, A levels or any sort of previous qualifications. Some of my tutorials had over FORTY students in small classes, most of which were filled with people that never understood what we were taught, making it almost impossible to learn sometimes. I could go on forever but I can never get back the money I wasted on learning here, or the 2 years of my life I wasted. This ‘university’ needs to be investigated and shut down. The negatives hugely outweigh the positives here, I would not even recommend GSM to my worst enemy. It is no coincidence that most of the reviews are 2 stars or less, and the only 5 star ones have no written review (probably made by staff members). If you are planning on attending this money grabbing, sorry excuse for a university, just be prepared for one of the worst experiences of your life.

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    Absolutely ridiculous establishment which does not deserve to be recognized as a university, avoid this place at all cost – you will regret it. The most unorganized, unprofessional place ever. They have no regard for student achievement and are only concerned about making money. Lecturers are very poor and uncaring – do yourself a favor and attend a mainstream university.

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    DO NOT GO! I have done my foundation year there and haven’t got my degree transcript for THREE YEARS. Have been calling, e-mailing and they have been avoiding by not answering for all this time. Most of he teachers were useless. They were talking about the family matters etc during the lessons and we hardly learned anything. IT WAS THE WORST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE.

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    The Univeristy is very poor, poor service, poor support, poor facilities, if you need to speak with an advisor, god help you! There just few of them that are competent…….really disappointed !!!! They accept everyone with or without qualifications… just about business, it all about money!!!!

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    I am a current student at GSM and I honestly would not recommend this high school to anybody..yes, it seems like a high school, because of the low level of intellect of a substantial portion of students, 3/4 (something illegal is definitely taking place) and their failing business processes. This is just the start of my journey to writing to the media and Plymouth university to reconsider their affiliation with GSM as it definitely compromises Plymouth’s standards.

    However PROS – although a few teachers require more training due to their lack of enthusiasm and minimum impact on students in class (so much so, that we fall asleep), even seem clueless with little knowledge of the subject at times that they run out of words,, there are a few highly skilled lecturers/true rule models who significantly impact learning through their enthusiasm and high spirit (keeping us alert and awake) and methods of teaching;Asare, Uzo, Ufuk, Arnette, Neil and many others.

    I am in the process of accumulating sufficient and strong evidence for my report to the media and Plymouth. I will keep everyone updated on this matter.


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    An exceptional opportunity to learn, progress and succeed, in the heart of Greenwich, full of history, a welcoming college affiliated to the University of Plymouth, the Enterprise University. Effectiveness In The Business World. Engaging, Informative and Interesting. The concerns of the QAA, have and will continue to be addressed, transparency and co operation with our University partner is an assurance to students of integrity.

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    Try to cater adequately to their clients/target audience as best as they can.

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    Very disappointed with what the qualification means to the outsiders and employers still hasn’t been employed since finished in July 2015. Wasted my 3 years. Could’ve gone somewhere better and be successful and learnt something but here???????????? Forget it.

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    Don’t come here unless you are really prepared to work hard.

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    I love GSM uni so far

    I am a current international student who obtained a scholarship from GSM in MSC Accounting and Finance for Oct 2015 start. i realy enjoy the lectures, the lecturers are professionals in their fields and teach for us to understand. the small class sizes also makes learning conducive. the library got updated texts books. the staffs are so welcoming and interested in the welbeing of the students. i don’t know for you but i recommend GSM London to all those who wish to have a good degree and who know what they are out for. thanks GSM London…

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    during my three years studying at gsm, i have had several problems mainly late time table realise, wrong marking, staff at front desk are not helpfull and at times rude, emails are not replyed on time and when they do its its irrelevent to the issue in hand.
    however there were some good lecturers
    I wouldnt recomend to anyone purely based on my experiance

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    Life at any University/Higher institution is what you make it!!!

    GSM is a great school, and any hardworking and ambitious student will perform excellently. I worked hard, took the advise of my lecturers and scored a first class in law. I had some really capable and passionate lecturers that positively influenced my interest and love for my subject, and I will be forever grateful for the experience.

    At any university, you have to carry your own weight, and I believe this is one of the characteristics of higher education. Yes, there may be some admin issues from time to time, but considering the size and age of the establishment GSM is doing a fine job!

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    This is the most poorly managed university. DO NOT GO THERE! It will be a nightmare and waste of money for those that apply. The only thing they are good at managing is how to get fees from students on time its the only time they would contact me about and chase me for. This uni is there to scam people thats all!

    You get your timetable a day before the semester starts, facilities such as computers, printers, chairs, tables etc are rubbish, library is useless no resources at all! most the lecturers need to go back into education and educate them selves as they don’t have a clue on how to teach and what. The administarions staffs are all clueless and have no clue what is going on. They don’t seem to resolve any quiries all they do is pass you on to another student advisor whom will talk a bit of rubbish and blab. Any employer will laugh seeing a degree from this place and question wether or not the degree is genuine or acreditted from a proper establishment!!

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    I am curently student at GSM London and i can say it is a place to learn new things and descover your stenght and wekness.I read the negative reviews and i strongly disagree.I study law here and my lectures are extremely well prepared.I love attending classes,every day i learn new things.I attended my exams,first after a 10 years gap,and because of this lectures i was able to pass them.Obviously if you don’t study you can’t have a eazy life at this uni.I mean i don’t know what people expect,but attending higher education is about research and independent study.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at GSM London. University has not only expanded my knowledge but also changed the way i think in a positive way. Met some great people along the way and had some fantastic lecturers. I have to give a special mention to James Askew, Ufi Cullen, Martin Agyemang and Stavros Anastasiou who made lectures such an enjoyable and insightful experience.

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    Im here from october and i have to say that is THE WORST SCHOOL i have ever been to – and i attended multiple schools.

    All they want is your money, nothing else.

    Teachers read from textbooks and offer no knowledgr whatsoever. I asked the teacher a question and she said that she will google it during breaktime.

    Attendance does not matter either. They tell you that you need at least 80% attendance to pass. Theres a few people that came in the last 2 weeks (out of 10) and got passed.

    Ive been here for a while and have not learned one thing – im serious. This schools pathetic.


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    dont want to enroll anymore due to poor reviews

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    An absolutely appalling learning faculty, this so called university has no regard to students progressing and no care for student well being. The modules that are set out for each programme have no relevance whatsoever to the programmes. As a previous Business and HR management student I have not learnt much about the Subject as they did not teach much about it, but rather they have set out irrelevant modules to the programme. They give false hope to students at the university as most end up not getting the job they have studied towards the past 3 years.

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    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. They manage to mess up at every opportunity. From start to finish they are completely disorganised, having no clue what they are doing, failing the student in every single area. Unprofessional doesn’t even come close to describing these people. They lose your work, forget to grade your assignments, mark the wrong copy of work, fail you when you’ve passed, don’t schedule you in for classes, SEND YOU SOMEONE ELSES TRANSCRIPT AND CERTIFICATE. When they’ve made a mistake they aren’t interested in fixing it AT ALL. THEY DO NOT CARE. They are a CLASSIC SCAM, once they have your money they aren’t interested in helping you at all. Some of the teachers are the only redeeming quality about this place, however the majority of them are unqualified and completely clueless about the subjects they are teaching. If you actually want an education and have any hope in passing then THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO GO.

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    This University isn’t only the worst educational centre I’ve attended in my life, but asking any of the students who are part of GSM you will understand that just walking into this establishment will bring you back a few steps in life. The lack of professionalism is abhorring, just an email to the student hub requires approximately a month to be answered.

    The teachers and Lecturers actually are trying to do a decent job. But the school is so poorly managed by a handful of incapable and unskilled staff members who in turn have hired incompetent staff which has created a cycle of no one knowing what they are doing there. I just recently graduated from the Greenwich School of Management and would recommend it to no one. Even the worst of academic students will find this place to be a hell hole. And will immediately regret their decision to hve jumped on board after only a couple of days.

    Feel free to register and have the worst experience in your life.

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    ABSOLUTELY APPALLING. During my time here I have witnessed/ experienced all sorts, i was indecently assaulted outside of the building by another student and when reported to security – he let him go! blind eyes turned on exam cheating/ lost assignments, the head of the Law department physically assaulted by a man, timetables on week 6, constant change of lecturers, no response to emails no matter how many you send but be sure they will harass you to death for any outstanding fees. Students no where near academically equipped to study a Level 5/6 degree which slowed class and progress down. Late exam and assignment results, disgusting facilities and lackluster admin staff who have nothing better to do than talk gossip and smoke. I urge you – please spend your student money elsewhere they do not care about you or your future.

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    You are definitely going to fail because they have the worst teacher……

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    If there were negative stars I could give to this institute. This university doesn’t even deserve this one star!!!!

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    The staff are completely incompetent and have no knowledge what they’re doing.
    The lectures are incredibly poorly designed and the presentations are arbitrarily written, they make a plethora of mistakes and are very arrogant, fail to acknowledge them

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    My wife studies at this university and all I have to say is that dont waste your time enrolling for this university, it takes time for them to pick the phone, you pay your exams on time and 2 weeks after you try to find out the date of your exams and they cant tell you, they are very quick taking money but very slow in service. My wife lecture’s resign and her work was lost, she done a huge effort doing her course work and at the end she had a big 0! and still we waiting to find out what it came up from their mark investigation which as been more than a month.

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    The Uni is pretty good, it is up to you if you want to learn anyway. The staff is very helpful,in particular the tutors who I have found very knowledgeable and always willing to help. They assist you with your assignments and they were providing genuine and useful feedback. They have a cafe, library and computer rooms where you can find material for your research. Another thing they do is arranging a wide range of seminars related to the topics they teach with special guests from real life industries. All in all its good place to study if you are going there to study.

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    This place has been a massive disappointment, so many regrets going here. It is a mixture of poor teaching and corruption, even their staff online are saying the same thing, the place seriously needs to be investigated, it is purely a scam operating on a large scale. They make up different degree titles to try and draw mass amounts of people in for money. I would not recommend GSM London to anyone. You have been warned.

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    The worst uni in London for sure !!

    The main issue with GSM as being their entry requirements. They will scrape the barrel just to get numbers through the door and keep the investors happy. This results in a very poor quality of student (academically and, in the main, personally) which has knock on effects when it comes to dealing with the problems inherent with that. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem if GSM had the policies in place to actually withdraw students who fail their first year, but with the three enrollment periods and various methods available to undertake a course (full time, part time, accelerated, extended, year zero etc.), GSM just aren’t prepared. I calculated that the first enrollment period I was involved with, only 10% of the student graduated on time. I monitored it throughout my time there and, despite the huge sums of money pumped into the company, there was no improvement in that figure. That’s awful, and it can ruin students’ lives. They are encouraged to enroll and commit to a course that we all know they aren’t going to be able to complete. This results in students being out of pocket between £3K-£28000. I’ve seen it first hand and this is why we have most of the problems I’ve mentioned above.

    To try and counter the issue, GSM have put in about 20 layers of management. There are, honestly, about 3 managers for every ten members of staff. This means that you can work your ass off all year and the same benefits as someone who does the bare minimum because any form of praise has to go through about five lines of management before it gets to a genuine decision maker.

    I can go on forever about how bad GSM London is but the fact remains tha same. “It is in my opiion the worst university in london, DO NOT APPLY “

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    I have to approve all the negative reviews here, I shockingly saw one of the admission office staff at GSM Greenwich watching a music video through utube and singing along with it while at work!!! I don’t care if that happened behind closed doors but to behave like that in front of potential students is simply unacceptable and unprofessional.

    I attended an appointment with the course advisor recently for computer science enrolment and she told me that they don’t run IT/computing programmes anymore, which at that point I was extremely miffed because I have to take a day off from work for the appointment and also the phone advisor knew I was interested in computer science and still went ahead with the booking without checking! lack of communication and total ineptitude at GSM. In a way it was a blessing in disguise, I can’t imagine myself being a student at GSM and dealing with their incompetencies.

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    If you are reading this before enroling do yourself a favour dont enrol and waste your money. this place isnt worth a penny to top it up they have unqualified and unhelpfull staffs , all this dodgy place care about is your money.

    the lectures are useless and plus thhey hate working there
    you`ve been warn dont come crying because after enrolling and taking your money your left alone alone and alone ,sometime they try to play proffesional but they dont even know the meaning of its . Scumbags thats what GsOM IS

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    The Greenwich School of Management (GSM) could literally be one of the worst “Universites” currently running. NOTE: THIS PLACE IS HEAVY ON MARKETING ITSELF AND GSM STAFF WILL EVEN GO AS FAR AS TRYING TO HIDE HONEST REVIEWS ABOUT THEIR “INSTITUTE” FROM GOOGLE REVIEW AS WELL AS WRITE THEIR OWN REVIEWS ON OTHER INTERNET SOURCES TO TRY AND GET PEOPLE TO APPLY. They are very money oriented and don’t care about their student, they are very much out of touch with the very same students that pay thousands in tuition fee to keep their “company” running. The modules that are taught in your degree choice lack anything to do with what you may have initially chose on your degree pathways, altogether making it very misleading. It can almost pretty much be seen as false advertising. On a positive note, some staff at the establishment are good at their profession and have a good knowledge of what is expected from your degree, their teaching is what you would expect to find at a real university. However the majority of staff here have a lack of knowledge as well as lack the understanding of what is expected from the assignments in each module they issue out and seem to contradict each other on what is taught and what your assignment should include. They also think tutorials should consist of sitting in a classroom reading from photocopied books in silent and answering the questions from the book which has no relation to what may have been taught in lectures. By far not worth thousands in tuition fees. Furthermore, timetables are always late, exam results are always late or they lose your exam papers, some staff are too lazy to mark your assignments or can’t be bothered to give you feedback. They also make terrible decisions without compromising with their students. There are more negative points here that outweigh the positives, but if it was written, this review would turn into an e-book. Would recommend staying away from this place, even if you may feel you have nowhere else to go.

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    the worst kind of teaching i haver had!!!! very disorganized and without appropriate resorts at the poor and small library…

    mainly teachers without much knowledge about the subject they teaching!!!
    while in case of losing your job, what happens often,in this case they just ask u to repeat the module without much options. at the beginning of each semester the disorganization is to much so that students lose much class for not knowing what fits their schedule. incredible how they deal with everything normally.(probably outside office only!)


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    The worst university have ever been, if you are reading this before enrolling don’t enrol .Timetables are always late , rubbish lectures , poor learning conditions , resuts takes ages to come . the place is full of foreigner who don’t understand the UK system and are led like moutons .
    you’ve been warned a student that wants to leave.

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