The Glasgow School for Business and Society (GSBS) is part of Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. It was originally known as the Caledonian Business School when it was officially established in 2002 and has three departments as part of its overall curriculum. In addition to the Glasgow campus, one in London, GCU London, also broadens both the availability of an education from GSBS with expansion of certain aspects of that curriculum.

The Glasgow campus has one department that focuses on Business Management and one on Social Sciences, the Media and Journalism. The last of the three departments zeroes in on the quartet of business connections to the areas of Accountancy, Economics, Risk Management and the Law.

At GCU London, much of those departments are also present, though some subjects replace the teaching of the law. One of those is in the sector of Fashion and Luxury, something that ties in well with the school’s connection to the British School of Fashion. The school offers advanced degrees in such areas as International Fashion Marketing and Digital Fashion Strategy.

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    Great campus, integrated well into the city

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    Good facilities, laid back feel and some fantastic lecturers

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    Undergoing major construction works at the moment. Facilties are OK but a lot of things don’t work or don’t work as intended. Has good equipment and teaching staff..Staff in other areas not so much

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    UGC .. I LOVE IT.. Done human resource from here love my time spent in this extravagant university.

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    One of the best univerisities… marvellous teaching faculty and marvellous teaching strategies with marvellous planning…. (Y)

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    Its one of the best modern university in Uk.
    Lots of good modern architecture.

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    I enjoy studying here, at least it is a extremely good place to improve your language skill

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    Unuseful, not maintained. Low employment rate

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    It’s ok. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Last year of my BA i had great teachers

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    I had the pleasure to study at GCU. Great faculty, location, diverse student body, just awesome.

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    Really well equipped library, you can use it also during the weekend.

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    True example of a modern University with a focus on International Education and Experiences.

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    focus on International Education and Experiences.

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    I don’t see why an education establishment would align themselves to Cameron’s No campaign. Not really the place to go to for a balanced world viewpoint then?

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    GCU, The greatest media powerhouse in all of the UK.. World more so..

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    Very urban designed and has new age architecture right in the heart of the city giving access to all the places of attraction within 5 minutes of walking

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    Glasgow Caledonian Uni – have done good courses here

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