The Grenoble School of Management first opened in 1984 and focuses the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. In March 2016, an alliance between the Grenoble School of Management and the EMLYON Business School was announced.

Besides the main campus in Grenoble, the school has campuses in Paris as well as 12 other major international cities. This group includes London, Moscow, Berlin and Los Angeles among others.

By opening those campuses, the Grenoble School of Management is establishing connections with major business sectors that can offer a much wider perspective when it comes to instruction.

The students that come for such learning can obtain both undergraduate and graduate degrees, with some choosing to follow with a doctorate.

In the area of research among the assembled faculty, a focus is put on segments such as entrepreneurship, the issue of climate change, digitization, health concerns and the sharing economy.

An approximate 700 faculty members are doing such researches and provide nearly 8,000 students with the outcome across the globe. Within that group of students are close to 400 doctoral candidates in a variety of areas.

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    Gave a presentation about religion, the staff and the students were pretty nice

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    Great programs, professional atmosphere, unlimited resources

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    In my opinion, One of the Top Business School in the world.

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    Good ranked international business school. Better than many European universities for a 2-year masters degree.

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    Impressive old building and new building less stylish but useful, I could make an interesting meeting in excellent conditions.

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    Gave a presentation here about American Religions. The students and staff were very nice, and I had a wonderful experience.

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    A very good school! Oriented innovation and digital!

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    The courses, students, associations, teachers, partnerships, loved everything during my term GEM!

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    Excellent school, young but promising thank you to GEM !!

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    S please how much it costs LANNEE and studies that it has the lowest

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    To promote scientific and technical cooperation for a better world with Central Africa, Protestant University in Congo by CITADOBINTERNATIONALCOOPERATION

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    A triple accredited business school, one of Europe’s best. Excellent campus, modern and lively.

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    If your passion is Business Innovation, there is no better place for you to be.

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    Top European and French business school! GGSB graduates are sought after by top employers!
    Highly experienced teaching staff, incredible student diversity and very-well reputed business school offering its programs within an international scope.

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    The school has gained in ranking and shines more for its technology management differentiation

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    A superb school, prestigious and a real meeting place for enthusiasts.
    Grenoble Ecole de Management in beautiful years ahead!

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    This is my personal experience. Indian students enrolled in Dual program in marketing are not able to get intern ship under the program. They are trying their best.The School co-ordinators should help them. It happens every year. Indian students dont know French. But then, they are taught the whole course in English. Indian parents have had very bad experience of the school.

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    Prestigious business school with radiation more international!

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    The quality of education in general, the possibility of courses in English …

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    Best school in town, state, nation ??? Sure, concerning innovation marketing and digital classes

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