Goethe Business School (GBS) is located in Frankfurt, Germany and is connected to Goethe University. Established in 2004, GBS focuses on developing the skills of its students in six particular areas. In addition to leadership and personal responsibility, slong with corporate social responsibility, four subsets of management are also explored: bank, finance, strategic and risk.

Along with offering a master’s in finance, GBS also gives those pursuing MBA’s the opportunity to specialize in two developing areas. The first of those is digital transformation management, which becomes increasingly important with each passing year. The need to understand and keep pace with the rapid pace of change in this area is encompassed through a rigorous curriculum.

In the other instance, the vast scope of the pharmaceutical industry is such that thriving within a management context demands a clear understanding of best practices and pharmacy nuances. In this instance, graduates will receive their MBA from both the segments focused on business and economics and those in biochemistry, chemistry and pharmacy.

In addition to executive education classes, the increasing importance of understanding China is tackled through the China Senior Supervisor Training Center. This is geared toward both Chinese companies and those doing business there.

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