A history of over 130 years for any school offers the distinct possibility that name changes have been a common consideration over the course of its tenure. In the case of Glyndŵr University, the 2008 decree that gave the school the official opportunity to award degrees offered another change that lasted until it became Wrexham Glyndŵr University in 2016.

The 19th Century beginnings of this institution began in 1887 as Wrexham School of Science and Art. Four decades later, the school morphed into Denbighshire Technical Institute before tweaking its name 12 years later to become Denbighshire Technical College.

That would be a name that lasted for 36 years, until a 1975 merger created the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI). Besides Denbighshire, the other schools that came together were the Cartrefle Teacher Training College and Kelsterton College of Connah’s Quay, Deeside.

This setup effectively stayed in place until the 2008 name change. The new school was named in honor of Owain Glyndŵr, an advocate for the establishment of Wales-based universities who served as a prince in medieval times.

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    i would say the Best time in my life, excellent and helpful Lectures with best supporting staff. if someone need a place to study, this is the place, i am wondering why Negative thinkers come to wrexham.because wrexham is not the place for part time job

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    I am recent Graduate – BSc Applied Computing.
    Loved it ! Glyndwr is a special place of lots and lots opportunities.
    Great team of tutors with contagious inspiration and ideas 🙂

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    Nice plc to study ..got degree frm glyndwr ..independent environment. ..calm n cool….

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    It’s strange that the negative reviewers all seem to have terrible grammar
    Or as they might put it-
    Grammar is terribler

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    Great Uni especially for computing related degrees.

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    Easy to access, wide range of whatever courses you look for, kind staff. Good place to work and studying

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    Been here to see a few comedy shows. Its a cosy and good venue. U can see the show theres not too many seats ( although they are a bit close… so if u are of a bigger build u may wanna get an aisle seat).

    Only thing that lets it down is the high prices in there for a drink.

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    Lecturers are very supportive and non-academic staffs as well (gives quick responses e.g Gareth H. ), only issue is the Indians and the likes are very difficult to communicate with especially over the phone, its a night mare 🙁

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    Wrexham Glyndwr University is a very good place to learn something new. Quality tutors, comfortable student houses. Nice place to study. Parking place, fitness, laboratories, bicycles for rent, stadium and more another things.

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    Best course structure and standards. I have graduated from Glyndwr University in November 2012. But still i did not get my certificates. I had put many emails to certificates team and they are laziest people i have ever seen.. I feel very happy about the knowledge i got from this university but really feel bad about the student data services, student program center, certificates team.

    Totally unhappy about this laziest people from Glyndwr University.

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    If you are a foreign student, and you plan to add a good experience to your CV, don’t lose your time at this university. These are the reasons:

    1. It does not appear in any rank of the top World Top Universities, neither on the top of the UK ones. So don’t expect to impress anyone when speaking about where you got your BSc (i.e: friends, family….Human resources…).
    2. It is a business to import money to the region. Fees are quite expensive, specially if you stay in any of the student villages offered by the University.
    3. Lessons are not difficult at all. This may be an advantage if you plan to pass some difficult exams from your university of origin. But don’t expect to improve your knowledge. We were on the last Year of Engineering, and they were teaching logarithms and powers. All Erasmus students in the class were looking at each other as “is this for real?”, come on! we learned this issue at the age of 15!
    4. The town is super small. But its quite near Manchester and Liverpool, which are not that great either as cities.
    5. It is quite difficult to be involved in with the local people if you live in the student village which is full of young foreign students like you. (40% spanish, 30% french, 10%indian, 7% chinese, 5% german , 3%italian, 5% others).

    If you plan to study in UK, they have many good universities (Imperial University of London, University of Oxford…etc.) Spend you money in a good university. The money you will spend here will just give you a piece of paper, not the knowledge.

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    Up and coming university, nice staff and a good ethos, needs investment.

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    Accommodation is rather nice. Not everywhere gives you an en-suit. As for the size of the town, it’s bigger then what I’m used to since I’m from the back of beyond. I wouldn’t consider that a negative however, more of a positive. It means that the place isn’t jam packed with fools and instead the class sizes are reasonably sized, so the tutor still has time to speak to you.
    Had bad experiences in London, far too expensive for one.
    University has an excellent reputation for students getting employment after their graduation.
    I studied a BSc in Computing and while the induction was as dull as sin, the course itself was rich and engaging.

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    Glyndwr university is a respectable university, but Wrexham is a decent town and will offer a better student experience than many other places.

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    the drink machine didn’t work, other than that it’s good

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    Don’t let other comments put you off, the tutors are really good.
    Great course and staff but the powers that be are penny pinching.
    Recent staff cuts have placed a great burden on remaining tutors.

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    I didnt go to this Uni but my daughter did. Most of these reviews are a load of bollocks! (Sorry if i offend) My daughter has done really well here. In her final year she struggled for various reasons. I e-mailed one of her tutors (unbeknown to my daughter) who then arranged a one on one meeting with her, disscussed her work showed her the right path and got her through a really tough year. Ive got nothing but praise for this uni. If you put the work in you get results!! My daughter graduates tomorrow with a 2.1. Well done to her but well done to Glyndwr for getting her through

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    I went here several years ago and am amazed at the negative reviews from people who obviously didn’t study here! Superb lecturers, excellent facilities and top notch resources. OK, Wrexham isn’t a big city like Manchester or London, but you should know that BEFORE you come!


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    Nothing to learn here teaching quality and management of university is so worse. And more thing a very very rare students get job those pass out from this uni. final conclusion is study here is waste of money and waste of time and i will highly suggest to international students do not come to this university for any kind of degree it will be very disappointing.

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    I have phoned both main campus & London so called associate campus.. information given was misleading & the staff at London campus were impolite ( london campus).. Waste a whole day & money due to their lack of knowledge on course criteria & requirements.

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    Very friendly atmosphere. I m enjoying studying here.

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    My time at Glyndwr university has been invaluable. I have just completed a BSc degree in Psychology. The experience and knowledge I have gained here goes above and beyond anything I expected. The staff are supportive and determined to provide the best education possible to all students. The facilities available to us (such as the library and computer rooms) are brilliant. Glyndwr has given me the confidence to continue my education at postgraduate level (something I never thought I could achieve). It has helped me to develop both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Glyndwr university to anyone considering undertaking a degree in Psychology (or any other subject).

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    No English required! They give you certificate as long as you pay your moneyfees. I like much

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    Was here for a 3 week summer course. Was awesome, would stay here during my whole study if i could.

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    Completed a BSc and PGCE at Glyndwr University. A great place to study with excellent and supportive staff. Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to progress to higher education.

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