Despite having only been founded in 2006, Globe Business College Munich has put its unique stamp when it comes to educating the business leaders of the future. Undergraduate degrees are available in the areas of Business Studies and Business Foundation, while a possible advanced degree is available for MBA candidates, with a diploma awarded in Strategic Management and Leadership.

In order to make the very most of the educational experience, a maximum of 120 students makes up the entire college. That means that only students who meet specific thresholds in place will matriculate at Globe Business College Munich. Such a litmus test ensures potential employers will be regular visitors to the campus.

Among that group of 120 is a diverse unit, made up of students from all areas of the world. Globe’s goal in selecting this group is not solely focused on what such students can bring to the classroom. The motivation those individuals have to make a difference in the business world, coupled with their present experience and their cultural surroundings all merge together.

Students not only get close attention from instructors, they also have an alumni network in place that can serve as a future asset.

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