Opened in 1999, the GISMA Business School has two locations within Germany, Berlin and Hannover. In each, students are taught business concepts that they’ll need in the future and have the advantage of harnessing those skills through interaction with a diverse student body. The learning process embraces experimentation, customization and interaction with those individuals in order to provide a seamless transition upon graduation.

Unlike many business schools, GISMA makes a point to enhance the language skills of its students, with classes in both English and German. That allows for more communication with different cultures, a growing necessity in what’s become a much smaller world. Such an approach can often makes inroads that lead to expanding a company’s market share and bottom line.

Master’s programs in areas like data analytics, security or project management merely scratch the surface of the overall curriculum at GISMA. Other areas certainly aren’t ignored, with students also learning innovative approaches in key segments like human resources, leadership and overall management.

There are also executive education programs that last anywhere from two to five days and look at issues such as risk management, negotiation, food retailing and the ability to derive a revenue stream from food waste.

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    This review is about the language courses

    Worst place to learn German because of the Very low bar teachers, only one teacher is good. The rest are practically useless. And can’t give you the words meanings in English which is supposedly the language they use to teach and explain. And most importantly they don’t have a clear method of teaching. It feels like they just brought some people in, gave them a book, and told them go teach now.

    Most of the students there are careless and not taking the course seriously ( remember I said most)

    Communication can be very chaotic sometimes and the student will be the only victim.

    I wouldn’t recommend it at all except if you are lucky to be with that one teacher.

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