The German Graduate School of Management and Law (GMBH) provides the opportunity for those seeking a master’s degree in a variety of business areas to achieve that goal and lay the groundwork for further advancement. The cornerstones of the school are based on the principles of compliance, innovation and entrepreneurship. One unique aspect is GMBH’s available option is their own interpretation of the distinguished Leeds Business School, which offers masters’ in business management.

In the area of compliance, GMBH offers instruction for those seeking to fully understand all the concepts and nuances attached to business law. In addition, many facets of the management process are explored through the different programs, which include innovation and technology management. This allows for earlier detection of patterns to shift consumer behavior and gauge the effectiveness of a potential new approach.

Other segments of the management umbrella that students can zero in on include programs devoted to general management principles and those focused on the growing importance of the digital economy. Separate areas devoted to both service and sales management broaden the student’s grasp of their particular field, understanding the importance of retail logistics and supply chain management is also worthy of study.

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    Great concept brings forth excellent graduates.

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    The GGS is a nationally recognized private university. It is guided in all activities and content to top international standards. Studying here has a lot of fun.

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    Play Legal issues in corporate practice an increasingly important role. Therefore, I have on my LL.B. nor a Master in Law draufgesetzt. The GGS has by its part-time LL.M. offered. Today I am glad that I did not decide it.

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