FH Ludwigshafen – Transatlantik-Institut (FLTI) was opened in 1999 to offer students the opportunity to obtain an MBA through an intercultural partnership with the University of West Florida (UWF) in the United States. The campus in Germany is located in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, near the cities of Heidelberg and Mannheim.

The types of MBA offered by FLTI focus on the areas of General and International Management with qualified students needing to have two years of work experience to enrol. The instruction encompasses an 18-month period and involves two separate trips for instruction at UWF in Pensacola, Florida that encompasses a two to three-week span.

From its home base and the American education component, the instruction takes advantage of the extensive amount of researches conducted through the school. It helps ensure that those attending obtain the most effective education.

The master’s thesis that’s part of the requirements is actually built into five different portfolio projects that are spread out during the span of the instruction. The fact that the program is actually a part-time program allows for a minimum of interruption for the students that matriculate at FLTI.

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    All around very nice, good and uncomplicated.
    2 stays in the USA (Florida).
    Many compulsory attendance phases, written papers as well as examinations.
    To be recommended, if workplace in the area.
    Great care from the German side.

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    The MBA program at TI is an excellent opportunity to further develop. The Program is held not only to 100% in English, but also gives the students the opportunity 2 phases in the US to spend itself and to experience student life on the spot.
    A very good accreditation (AASCB) which have very few universities, underlines the high quality of the program.

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    Recommended by an alumna who already enjoys the benefits of the program in the form of a new job at Google, I have for the MBA of the University of West Florida (UWF) in collaboration with the Transatlantic Institute (TI) Ludwigshafen decided to start a new challenge to start and further develop around me in the area of ​​Business Administration. Decisive reasons to the MBA at UWF / TI were for me especially the comparatively low cost, the short duration of 18 months, the recognized AACSB accreditation and the original American style. Professors who come flying for lessons to DE (and emails usually personally answer in less than 48h), two stays of several weeks at the university in Pensacola and small, personal “classes” in which lasting friendships, make more of program as an academic training. Conclusion: In Your Face.

    As with everything in life, however, also applies here: Most grows, who themselves want – do not do if you wish to bring no use. And in the one or other compartment you have with the professor a little indulgence have what the structure, content, and the style of presentation As (if one is as the level TU Darmstadt usual engineering).

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    Very good with work and family to arrange. Pensacola Experience with great people! I would do it again.

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    With an MBA at an American university? Not possible? False thought – with the MBA program of the transatlantic institute it works! If you are interested, I would like to recommend a meeting with Mrs. Paul and Mr. Hunnius.

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    Decisive for me was the AACSB accreditation and the teaching of native speakers. My learning style also came to meet the presence concept, the structure can be easily integrated into everyday work. Personally and professionally has certainly brought me more MBA time and the conclusion.

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    I have been looking for MBA programs in SW-Germany for a long time and I finally decided to make the most of the facts: Best accreditation (only 9 Unis in D), fairest price, 100% English incl. Profs Workable.
    I have not regretted my decision: I called my wife in the first week of the week and said, “Even if this is the end of the day, it was worth it”: inspiring professors, a service thought of the students, So you do not know (you get their handynummers, Skype IDs etc, if you have questions at any time) and a cohesion between the students (and alumni) who is unique and will last a lifetime.
    In spite of the double burden of my career and my studies, my career already started a bit higher during my studies, as my new abilities in my company are very much sought after, which is apparently not achieved in the German education system.
    I can recommend this program without any restrictions and look forward to the many new interesting students!

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    Great possibility to work full-time and persue an MBA degree at the same time!

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    I have found the part-time MBA program of the Transatlantic Institute on the Graduate School Rhein Neckar. I was mainly looking for a way to continue to work full-time. The program is AACSB accredited and is carried out by the lecturers of the University of West Florida. In particular, the experience in the USA were a highlight for me. Professional and personal, the program was a great success for me and recommend it only.

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    I was alerted by a colleague on the MBA studies at TI. The fact that I here the possibility got my MBA part-time to my full-time job to make was only characterized topped that all teachers native speakers, mostly from the University of West Florida, were and were flown to the lectures regularly to Germany. Compared with my experiences from the undergraduate Stuidum it was a completely different way of learning, which of course professionally but also personally again advanced me a good deal.

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