Though it took just over a century for the school to acquire university status, Falmouth University had developed a reputation as a noteworthy art school long before that 2005 designation. Campuses are situated in both Falmouth and Penryn, with the latter campus that was purchased by the Falmouth College of Arts encompassing 70 acres.

Back in 1902, the Falmouth School of Art was established and offered different classes in aspects related to drawing and painting. Little was changed over the next four decades until the decision was made to expand the school’s purpose to include crafts as a field of study. This area included things like weaving and block printing, along with working with items like leather.

Less than a decade later, sculpting classes were added to the curriculum, with subjects like printmaking and photography following over the next generation of students. More technical aspects and design considerations were eventually implemented into that curriculum.

The design aspect actually resulted in the first name change for the school in 1987, with three subsequent changes taking place over the next three decades.

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    Must be one of the best places to attend University. Who can complain spending three years with the beach on your doorstep. I throughly enjoyed my time at Falmouth university.

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    dificult just finding out if this place does cookery in the on site search engine, AND no drop down list of courses done here WHY ??

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