The European Business School Paris (EBS Paris) is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. When it began, it immediately established partnerships with other international schools, and over those past decades, the number of branches of the school has also expanded beyond its Paris base of operations.

Those other schools that work with EBS Paris can be found in 30 different countries, with a total of 130 institutions within that group. EBS Paris offers a five-year degree and continues to have communication serve as a part of its overall message. It is why students are expected to acquire fluency in three languages.

The span of a half-century has meant that approximately 7,500 graduates of EBS Paris have made their way into the business world across 64 different countries. Currently, there are roughly 1,600 students attending who have access to the knowledge attained from 40 faculty members.

That knowledge is the by-product of research conducted by instructors, which is one of the most prominent aspects of the school’s ability to adapt to contemporary situations. That research is used within the context of studies and allows for a practical approach to the situations that future managers and executives will face after leaving EBS Paris.

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    EBS Paris is a real springboard to working life. It is a modern and innovative school that can adapt to labor market developments.

    Throughout our journey, we are led to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit, our curiosity and sense of responsibility.

    The school is very focused towards international, we have a choice to make almost half of our studies abroad from a variety of academic partners. The ideal to perfect our language skills and learn about other cultures.

    Finally, thanks to the many group projects, we learn to work effectively in a team manner which is a big plus in the professional world.

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    Currently Master 1 in Marketing & Communication at EBS Paris, I am proud of my school and its values. I can say after 4 years spent in the premises, the EBS maintains its CORE values: Creativity, openness, responsibility and team spirit.
    One of the advantages of this school is probably the year abroad which allows us at a university exchange and internships, to live a first emancipation and openness to the world.
    Each year EBS offers us to note our teachers to maintain our satisfaction and the good level of the school. Our teachers are mostly researchers, increasing the quality of their current and proposed projects.
    In addition, EBS opens the doors to the world of work through various specific projects in collaboration with companies.
    The new premises located in the 15th district and include several schools (business, engineering …), it offers a real campus life through various associations of each of the schools that sustain campus.

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    The European Buisness School is in my opinion perfect to progress in English thanks to its 100% international course in English, I saw marked improvements in my level. The campus is probably the best in Paris because we have everything available like projectors in every room, distributors, and a good cafeteria …

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    Being currently in second year, I’m about to go spend a semester abroad at a partner school of EBS Paris to New York in September.

    This is one of many opportunities we offer EBS Paris, the opportunity to go abroad through its many international partners but also the possibility of doing internships in France (required in the first year to do in the area sales).

    EBS is undergoing a revival since she has moved to join the Eiffel campus where we share good times with other schools as a joint event with the three schools to develop a sense of belonging.

    I hope it will continue to improve, especially with the new director who will make every effort to develop our school.

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    I am a Chinese student studying here, although the school rankings are not very front, but the school is really not much of the Chinese and the other two Chinese girls on a bar, and the teacher lectures are very interesting and easy to understand If you have any questions do not understand the questions can be bold, the teacher will be very patient and patiently explain to you again, the get out of class are really good students have to take care of me, they know I do not understand class, they will take the initiative to me Copy their notes, then the class directly on the facebook to build a group of all notes ppt pass on the top for the class to share, often what activities will call me, in short, I made great progress in this school, so Would like to leave their views, thank ebs.

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    I am currently a fourth year student at EBS Paris. EBS holds all these promises in terms of international openness, with the opportunity to spend half the studies abroad. The teachers are competent in all areas of a business, from their course. The new premises in the 15 th district used to be in relationship with other schools (business, engineering …) and to live a true campus life through associations of schools that carry out activities on campus. EBS allows to be ready to succeed in all areas.

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    School very well located in Paris and a beautiful campus. Qualified teachers and listening to us.

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    I have been a student at EBS for one year and I highly recommend this school for its ability to help its students to progress and carry out large projects thanks to the quality of its teaching by professors with rich professional experience. Thus in one year only, I acquired methods and techniques of work that are useful to me today.

    Moreover, it turns out that languages ​​are taught by native teachers, which quickly enabled me to improve my level. Being responsible for an association of my school, the latter offers us the opportunity to live an associative life flourished.
    Finally, the school has a beautiful campus with quality facilities that allow us to learn in good conditions.

    To conclude, EBS is a very good school which I recommend for its listening to its students and its will to evolve them so that they can reach their different objectives.

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    A business school on a human scale, located in the heart of Paris in a beautiful campus. Teachers of ebs Paris are very knowledgeable and especially kind to students.

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    Student at EBS for a year, I highly recommend this school for assisting students to conduct many projects is simply amazing. To date (with the help of EBS) I found an interim management contract for the summer and am in charge of an association. All in just one year. In terms of pedagogy at the EBS: the courses are given by professors with rich professional experiences, there is the possibility of a curriculum entirely in English and schedules allow to participate in off-campus activities .

    Considering this, I think the EBS is a very good school, which trains us and encourages us to go further without putting pressure on his students; themselves will seek to stand out.

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    The European Business School on its promise to its openness abroad. This is one of the only schools to partner with many foreign universities to offer a huge choice to its students. Besides the quality of teaching in its Paris campus, EBS offers an unforgettable experience.

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    Very good business school located on a pretty campus at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

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    Being a student at EBS for 2 years, many changes have taken place in this school. A new director has arrived. All teachers as well qualified as each other and very attentive to the students. Increasingly, the school asked our opinion about school, what is therefore to improve each student can speak freely.

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    EBS Paris gives students the opportunity to open up to the world and thus to acquire a global vision to address its problems. The lessons cover all aspects of a business, ranging from finance to marketing, through IT.
    EBS Paris also offers you the opportunity to have many professional experiences in the country you want.
    For my part, I now hold all the keys to my future success in an area that fascinates me and in a country that fascinates me.

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    Excellent school with a multitude of courses giving a great place to the international.

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    Currently 4th year, I can only thank the EBS for all the baggage she brought me.
    The years abroad, compulsory courses, and many other factors allow students to gain experience, knowledge and openness.
    All these stages of the 5-year program are facilitated by all the relationships and partnerships of the European Business School worldwide.

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    Very good business school with a real professionalizing course!

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    Freshman, I feel very comfortable at EBS which provides an opportunity for each student to flourish in the professional world while supporting them in their education. The proximity between students or even teachers established within the school is very pleasant and stimulating.

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    I finished my studies at EBS alternately specialization international trade.
    EBS is a school that can open the world especially in our 3rd year where we are now a whole year.
    I had the opportunity to study in Shanghai University but also to complete an internship of 6 months in Spain.
    EBS now offers specializations alternately enabling its students to differentiate themselves with an enhanced experience but also through internships in first and second year.
    A school not recognized enough for my taste.
    I highly recommend you!

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    If you want to throw your money out the window, this is the place, students here are above all customers. The Ebs and rude “manager” Mr Carré have no respect for parents, they decide according to the year which is good or not, no listening and if you are not happy, the door is wide open, the customers abound.
    My son has been “broken” by the education provided and teachers are afraid of the direction and do not dare say out loud what they think, that school is bad and hateful director.
    Especially to avoid.

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