EU Business School (EU) is an international multicampus business school established in 1973. In addition to small, dynamic classes offered in English by expert faculty, EU students also enjoy an international environment. EU is ranked in the top 35 business schools in Europe and has also had the honor of being recognized by the Academy of Business in Society (ABIS) for its consistent dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Knowing that some students want to complete their studies as quickly as possible, EU Munich makes an undergraduate degree in just three years a possibility, with completion in two years also within reach through summer classes.

Online classes began in 2012, with both an undergraduate Business Administration degree and MBA possible. In the latter case, tight work schedules for students allows for the flexibility to learn in a non-traditional manner. In many cases a master’s can be achieved within a single year of online studies.

For those who physically attend classes, the cultural atmosphere within Munich offers students a chance to envelop themselves in surroundings that allow for relaxation periods. Yet the rigorous learning process ensures that the challenges that students face within the classroom can be positively channelled into the real world.

By using the triumvirate of entrepreneurship, business ethics and management skills as its base, EU Munich neatly fuses a European approach toward management with an American approach to business education. The internationally broad faculty is the perfect complement to the diverse student population.

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    The university is diverse, eccentric, buzzing, full of adventurous students that I have travelled with, and grown very close to.

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    Best semester ever. Didn’t want to leave. I have made lots of new friends, learned about local culture, while progressing for my degree…What else?

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    Currently undergoing my Master in International Business and must admit I really enjoy life so far!

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    Graduated from EU Business School Munich a few years ago and I have to admit I had the best years of my life. Thanks to the Alumni network, I managed to find a great position in a leading multinational corporation!

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    Nostalgic about the years spent studying in this school,
    Had some really good years in this city and made many friends I am not going to forget.
    This school totally helped me grow up to be the person I am today.
    Thank you big time EU Business School Munich!

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    Despite multiple controversies raised on accreditations for private universities in Germany on those days, I have chosen this school because of the quality of infrastructures, teachers, campus as well as its multinational range (counting more than 20 different nationalities in my class alone).

    I am glad to be part of this school and looking at alumni’s testimonies, the diploma has never been a problem for graduates to find a nice job!

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