The ESSEC Business School has been in operation since 1907 and over more than a century has expanded to a point where approximately 5,200 students are being educated by an academic staff that totals nearly 150 people. A strong majority of those students also study abroad and take part in projects with international companies.

ESSEC has partnerships with 145 schools for students to take part in exchange programs. Meanwhile, the main school has Cergy-Pontoise and the other branch within France at La Defense, near Paris, as its focal point. The school has also expanded its brand to Singapore. The alumni base of approximately 47,000 former students offers an example of the network that’s been built up over a 110-year period.

Undergraduates have been able to obtain a Global BBA since the program was first implemented in 1975, while a Global MBA takes an additional year of study. For Advanced Master’s degrees, there are 11 different business segments that students can focus on during their study.

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    ESSEC puts me in ecstasy …. It is more than a school, it is a SPIRIT … Thanks to the training team

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    It has a really cool bar. The library is cool too.

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    Pity that this great school or in a city so rotten!

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    Very good school where people from around the world come to study!

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    Superb business school with state-of-the-art facilities, hectic student life and constant hardworking spirit!

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    Best possible business school with amazing pedagogy, awesome student life, and complete control over your study-life balance

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    Rather work than go there .. You will not learn anything.

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    One of the best business School in France!

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