For over a century, École Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers (ESSCA) has instructed students focused on a business career. Since those 1909 origins as the Angers Business School, the institution has expanded to eight different campuses, with two of those located outside of France.

Dr. Paul Baugas founded the Angers campus, with a two-year degree being awarded to graduating students. In 1943, the school took on its present name, which was 11 years before the degree requirements were increased to a three-year plan of study. That eventually became four years in 1969 and five 30 years later.

Building on the belief that an international perspective was needed to enhance the educational process, ESSCA has partnerships in over 50 assorted countries, with more than 200 schools represented within that group.

The school’s first two years of undergraduate instruction are taught in French, followed by a third year in English. For students seeking a graduate degree, four different options exist and a summer program is also available between June and July.

During the course of its centennial observance in 2009, the school began construction of a new building that is more than 47,000 square feet in size.

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    Okay, all my teachers are competent and very interesting; a school that moves and takes its strength from its cohesion

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    All necessary and possible resources to succeed

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    Perfect I advise you if you have the means (level) to go, great atmosphere, I finished it two years ago with Master 5 and I am now boss of my own business,
    Thank you

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    Pure perfection, in terms of ambiance, respect, and quality of training

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    The best post-graduate school! Valuable international dimension and quality teaching!

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    Best atmosphere of high school, American quality education!

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    A pleasant to study in Paris and Angers. ESSCA offers academic excellence courses filled with many experiences in business and decision-associative responsibilities. With a catalog of many partners recognized around the world and several internationally campus, the school offers excellent opportunities for all students who wish to work in the world of business today in France and abroad.

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    academic excellence, good atmosphere, vibrant student life, good reputation among companies, good network, in 5 years there is trimmed for the future!

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    The second business school Post-Bac Nothing to say!

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    Like what rankings are not always good to follow. A disappointing atmosphere for a business school.

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    business school in 5 years, strong 100 years of experience, a good network of alumni, many partner companies

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    A very renowned school with a modern and dynamic campus

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