At the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), the Berlin-based institution of higher learning focuses on continuing its push to become one of the areas to funnel freshly minted MBA’s into the international business world. Part of that approach is organic, with an estimated 90 percent of the students that populate classes coming from countries other than Germany.

That allows for frequent interaction with a more diverse audience, one of the hallmarks of international business. Such a philosophy has been in place since the school first opened its doors in 2002, with MBA’s earned by both those attending ESMT full-time and those taking part in the Executive MBA program.

Class sizes are small to allow for more interaction between students, while also forging a more fluid relationship between instructors and students. During the course of a year, students can embrace entrepreneurship and also take part in concepts that prize innovative approaches within technology.

The networking opportunities are wide for ESMT graduates, given the fact that alumni from the school can be found in 40 different countries around the world. That growing list of connections helps explain why the school continues to rise in rankings of international MBA programs.

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    Outstanding business school! One of the world’s best. Very happy for the Saint Paul Business School MBAs correalizar with ESMT.

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    One of the best innovative and technological business schools in Europe and great job oppurtunities after gradutaion within the biggest german firms

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    World-class business school at an inspiring location in the very heart of Berlin

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    Great international school. My class is form by 64 people from 32 different countries

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    Great facilities, great school, great faculty, etc.

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    Fantastic private school with high talented emplyee. Great building with eastern German style. It is great honor to attend alumni meeting.

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    A future-making business school in a historical building

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    Sadly, on the entire building no notice found on the use to DDR times.

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    Hey another private school in berlin(one of the approx. 25). It`s a shame that it`s blocking the space and area for really usefull things, like museums, concert halls or galleries.

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    Prestigeous and entrepreneurial business school staffed with high-profile people, be it Profs, MBAs or students.

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    Greta Business School, perfect location and even better people!

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