Located in Lyon, the ESDES School of Business and Management was created in 1987 as part of the Catholic University of Lyon. The school’s main mission involves a five-year program of instruction that’s tasked with developing the necessary business skills of its students. Within the curriculum from which those students have the opportunity to choose are six different specialties.

A focal point of the school’s educational perspective is to promote looking at business from an international prism. To aid in this endeavor, each student will study a minimum of two foreign languages. During the student’s sophomore year, six months will be spent studying within an English-speaking nation. After that’s completed, the trip abroad will conclude with two months working for a business in that country.

That education abroad will take place at one of the school’s partner universities, with a total of more than 125 across the globe making up the list in over 30 countries. Within the Lyon location, classes are taught in both French and English.

Students do have the opportunity to obtain a greater understanding of the role of research in business through GEMO. It is where faculty research is conducted, with pertinent information then taught to students.

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    Super training and new beautiful campus.

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    Very expensive for the quality of the training provided …

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    School dear lying by saying that we can get a master as if we simply information 10 minutes, we can realize that he is writing master’s degree, which means that a simple obtien RNCP level 1 title . Moreover, the school is not nationally recognized, not recognized by EQUIS label and not to the EPAS. More of the school sale to parties of schools (ps: all “Grandes Ecoles” are trade schools) ESDES is ranked 31 th out of 39, impressive …

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    Excellent training and beautiful campus. post bin School of very high quality.

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