The German branch of ESCP Europe is located in Berlin, with other entities located in the following cities: Paris, London, Warsaw, Turin and Madrid. Its origins began back in 1819, though the German focus was on Dusseldorf in 1975, followed by a move to Berlin a decade later. With that founding nearly two centuries ago, the institution holds the distinction of being the oldest business school in the world.

The main focus of ESCP’s curriculum is to help develop a diverse group of future leaders that can offer a wide perspective in the area of international management. To accomplish such a goal, students are motivated to earn a German Master of Science degree, though it’s the Master in Management (MiM) degree that serves as the envy of schools around the world.

Collaborations with major worldwide corporations is commonplace for both ESCP Europe faculty and students, which helps when it comes to recruiting. Meanwhile, areas like entrepreneurship, digital innovation and areas of sustainability and energy management offer selected expertise that few other schools can match on a regular basis.

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    A little bite in the middle of no where for students but really charming

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    As a current Master in Management student I completely support the previous comments! Excellent school!

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    I can only agree… the school delivered all its promises. Starting at ESCP starts opening up your mind (but also many doors). Being a graduate since 2001, I can tell.

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    Not only sounds modern, but also offers an immense advantage for the personal development and the later application process. The master program of the ESCP Europe is characterized by a practical orientation (in addition to the class also international compulsory internships) and by excellent mediation of the substance. The rigorous selection process provides motivated students who not only nurture academic intercourse, but also arouse the interest of the most diverse companies in the most interesting cities in Europe. This mixture inevitably leads to a tremendous expansion of the horizon, which has the same effect on the academic, professional and personal level. I myself am in the present year and look back on three of the most interesting years of my life.

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