The largest campus within the ESCP Europe brand, École supérieure de commerce de Paris is located within the heart of Paris and has an estimated 4,200 students attending classes. Teaching team is close to a 1,000 teachers, with both numbers accounting for the largest segments within the brand.

The school has been around since 1819 and holds the distinction of being Europe’s first business school. Until 1870, the school remained the only business school within the borders of France. The other five branches began making their arrival in 1973, though the Paris home base remains the centerpiece.

Despite the long legacy of the school, the teaching that’s conducted focuses on contemporary concerns related to business. A number of the buildings where instruction takes place have architectural significance.

Students that are seeking an MBA receive the national equivalent with the Grade de Master. Besides the four years of school required, those students need a year of experience in the business world before being awarded this designation.

Beginning in 2017, a second Paris branch was added. The structures housing classes for this new branch is built from a 21st Century perspective yet are focused on the same goals that the original buildings promote.

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    International enviroment and best practices business level

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    One of the most prestigious business schools in the world as ranked by Financial Times

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    A very innovative school, supporting projects for entrepreneurs.

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    One of the 3 best French business schools and the only one located in Paris. And that makes all the difference …. because life on campus is good, but life in Paris is better …

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    Excellent business school! Great faculty and lovely environment.

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    Best French Business School in Entrepreneurship !

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    The only French business school established in 5 European countries: Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Turin and an amazing polyglot and entrepreneurial dynamics

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    Very hard selection at the entrance / some interesting courses / Good infrastructures available to students / Truly international atmosphere / Worldwide reputation /
    But: – very expensive
    – an unpleasant administrative staff overall.

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    Campuses in five European countries for a truly international education.

    The Executive MBA provides high quality courses and a dense and rich experience; contact me if you have questions about this training.

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    1st Business School created the world in 1819!

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    The most international and the best French B-School (1st place Financial Times 2010)

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    One of the best European business school !

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    Not as good as ESSEC but clearly a Parisian ^^

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    Very good training. In my opinion, it is necessary to learn even better the students to embark on the company to break the pawn to the competition. I can improve my opinion in view of the results.

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    High quality teaching. One of the best business schools in the world!

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    Ranked N#1rst business school worldwide for Master in Management in 2010 by the Financial Time.

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