In 1990, the Chamber of Commerce in Rennes, France, opened the ESC Rennes School of Business. Since that time, the school has focused on offering advanced degrees in the area of international business and 15 different master’s programs in science focus on different facets of business.

In addition, the traditional MBA can be attained, as can a doctorate in business administration and the standard PhD. In the latter case, that program is based in Rennes in conjunction with the University of Amsterdam and University College Dublin. For individuals working on that advanced degree in part-time fashion, a master’s in six different areas is possible.

One of the school’s main calling cards for over a quarter-century has been its role as a research institution for three pertinent segments of the business community. These areas include technology and innovation, responsible business, with supply chains and operations management rounding out the trio.

Just over half of the students are international arrivals, with 90 percent of the faculty fitting that description. Those students make their way from approximately 260 other schools from around the world and will soon have four different campuses to choose from when the most recent structure is completed.

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    Very good business school resolutely internationally oriented.

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    incompetent administration and below any

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    A beautiful and great institution …
    Paul Simon, would it not the school that left you?

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    This school is so bad I think even one star would be too much. The negative point are:

    – Nothing works. A/C, lights, toilets, printers
    – Some real bad teachers. Often French native speakers hold courses in English which is horrible!
    – Bureaucracy is huge in this school
    – The canteen is expensive, about 5€ per meal. You wouldn’t expect high prizes in a private university you pay for.
    – Attendance is obligatory and professors treat you like children. They can call your first name but you should use their family name. Ridiculous!

    The positive points are:

    + The coffee is cheap
    + Good sports program

    If you have the choice to spend your erasmus+ semester here: Renne sis a great city but this school isn’t worth it.

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    Pretty on paper, completely with collects in fact, I left this school who sees his students as numbers and statistics without a minimum deal. Great School has the name …

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    Excellent training. very strong international context. Focus on innovation. Excellent alumni network.

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    Foreign Students – stay away from this college. This college states that the MSC program is for 18 months – that is not true. they cover off the course in 8 months. Further – to get MSC – you need an internship as without internship you get a Diploma!! The college provides no assistance for internship and no french company will take you as you are not a native. I am regretting my decision to come here.
    Stay away – try for the top schools which have a great placement and alumni network. this college is not worth it.

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    management training and project management to the ambitions that we set ourselves! Associations (required) allow you to invest in real projects and implement them during the stay abroad offers a multicultural adaptation of competence, and the academic level of the course requires thorough. I’m really satisfied with my school! I base my analysis on experience, not on pictures!

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