The ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management is located in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and is poised to celebrate its centennial in 2019. Over the course of that time, the school has evolved from one that focused primarily on French business interests into one that views the world from an international prism.

An undergraduate degree in International Management can be obtained in either French or English over a three-year period. Those with two years of study in this area at another school have the opportunity to complete degree requirements at the school.

That first class in 1919 had 76 students in it and just a few decades later, more than 40 percent of the student population was made up of women. By 1949, the school began its move into international partnerships and soon added a Master in Management.

The past few years have seen plenty of changes on the campus, with a 2013 merger with a trio of other French schools of advanced management forming France Business School. That agreement was dissolved in 2015, but in the interim, ESC Clermont opened up The Square Lab incubator. This was meant to provide advice to both start-up businesses and those companies still establishing themselves.

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    With an active pedagogy that affects anglophones aspects, that entity retains its brands & values ​​to become the golden crest of business schools.

    I like it here a year now and I have confidence in the ability of the leaders of this school.

    Establishment open to everyone and enables more ambitious flourish!

    Cameron, Vice President of the BDE ESC Clermont.

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    I am a former student I found the courses were qualities and I could see that ESC Clermont is known HR allowing integration into all business for me Danone and Unilever, for example

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    School quality. The courses are in line with corporate life.

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    Quite honestly I do not know the school, their junior-business however is really excellent, a global sectoral study conducted by the carefree SEGMA team. Very pro these young people have a great future! I am impressed!

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    Dynamic Business school and internationally oriented

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    AACSB accredited, the Groupe ESC Clermont is an engineering school generalist known for its programs, the number and quality of its international partners, his doubles skills and double degrees, institutes and networks of excellence. The testimonies of companies, recruiters and educational backgrounds recognize our School seriousness and the quality of teaching, teaching and coaching students. The successes of our 10,700 graduates show that the Groupe ESC Clermont rightly deserves the epithet “sure thing”.

    Our mission is to train managers and entrepreneurs with a solid fundamental base of knowledge in management sciences, but also able to understand the issues and the complexity of the economic and business world where creativity and innovation, the successful outcome of their decisions, actions and behaviors. Accordingly, develop innovation capabilities, provide each learner with a strong entrepreneurial background, support our future creators of students value the economic and societal level are the guiding lines of our programs.

    The Square Lab – Incubator Inner materialize the objectives of the educational project, it is the opinion of our student entrepreneurs a real asset in the conduct and success of their project.

    With a loyal and faculty engaged in student success and support for managers and engineers in their professional development process, the Groupe ESC Clermont now accompanies executives, engineers and managers through qualifying and diploma training devices .

    More than ever, the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Clermont is the Great School of Business and Management of its territory, supported by companies and a welded and united network of 10,700 graduates.

    Françoise Rondier, Director of the Groupe ESC Clermont.

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    ESC Clermont sour value. I loved my course and the years I spent in school. Today I rode my box and energizes the ESC network in China.

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    Very good school with a high development potential whether in France or abroad (Shanghai campus).

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