The ESB Business School had its origins in 1971 when it was part of Reutlingen University and originally focused on international trade. That scope has greatly expanded over the course of the last four decades, with department devoted to manufacturing starting in 1973 and the greatest shift taking place eight years after that creation. Partnerships with a number of foreign universities were then established.

ESB is located in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, and since that 1979 change, it’s offered students from around the world the opportunity to learn key facets of business. Undergraduate degrees focusing on production and international logistics management are side-by-side with double degree programs like those zeroed in on international business and the acquisition of an MBA.

In the latter category, the MBA program that ESB offers is the oldest within Germany, having been established in 1984. Both full-time and part-time students can enrol in the program, which is geared toward those whose undergraduate degree or past work experience is not connected to business.

Roughly 2,500 individuals make up the student contingent, with approximately 750 of them coming from beyond the German borders. That international perspective helps open up the breadth of ideas.

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    Highly recommendable degree. Did the double-degree with Spain, met interesting people and received great education.

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    If you want to have a great time and meet amazing people from all over the world, join ESB. I would do it again every time without second thoughts.

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