Located in Strasbourg, France, the EM Strasbourg Business School arrived on the scene in 1919. Over the course of nearly a century, the school has changed its shape, with the first incarnation taking place under the name of the European Institute for Higher Business Studies (IECS).

In 1956, the connection between IECS and the University of Strasbourg began, with this coming together marking the only instance within France of a business school being attached to the curriculum of a university.

More recently, a move into a four-story building known as the European Center of Management and Economics took place in 1999. That was eight years before a merger involving the IAE of Strasbourg.

Expansion beyond the borders would follow over the next decade, with the 2011 opening of an office in China. It was followed by dual openings five years later in both Mexico City and Brussels. Given those most recent openings, the likelihood that the total number of students has increased past 3,000 is likely.

Those individuals are taught by close to 100 instructors and also have access to exchange programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. More than 200 different schools are part of this collective link.

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    Very nice building, very good school, whose courses are recognized.

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    I have never seen a school as little as organized and unprofessional! it is very simple professors the bottom are missing permanently! if we manage to attend 10 hours of classes per week is a miracle! by cons they are very good for the days of “citizenship” on ecology secularism and company.

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    My school as an exchange student in 2015 spring!

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    Congress AGRH 2016, the EM Strasbourg. Congratulations!

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