For close to 150 years, the EM Lyon Business School has been tasked with education of students looking to enter the business world. From its 1872 founding in Lyon to its current setup that includes campuses in three French cities, Shanghai and Casablanca, the school has seen its curriculum evolve.

The current structure focuses on 10 areas of business, though entrepreneurship from an international perspective is a central component of the instruction. Within that mix is the idea of creating a broader understanding of the idea of social responsibility.

Other advanced degrees are obtained that focus on international management, while additional segments include areas specifically devoted to luxury marketing, hospitality, the sports industry and finance.

The branch campus in Shanghai has been part of a concerted effort on the part of the school to establish its brand within the vast nation of China. Two decades ago, that connection was through partnerships but the 2007 opening of a full-fledged campus changed the overall dynamic.

In 2015, the Casablanca campus was opened followed the next year by a convergence with Grenoble School of Management. This new partnership is teaching principles of growth and new business, innovation as well as the aforementioned entrepreneurship.

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    Great school
    Good teachers & kind people met there!
    Thanks for those great years spent in Ecully!

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    Great university though it could use some better organization in the administrative area.

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    École Management de Lyon, a very wellknown business school in Lyon

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    Very good school dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship. I learned a lot in the context of creating my startup, Unow.

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    Super student life in addition to academic excellence!

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    Super memory (1989). A school that marked my professional life …

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    relevant stakeholders.
    Good atmosphere.
    Thank the gaming house

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