Serving as the graduate school for Heriot-Watt University (HWU), the Edinburgh Business School (EBS) was created in 1997, long after the 1821 opening of HWU. The students that have previously attended and are currently matriculating at EBS come from 166 countries across the globe. Its current student population is over 11,000 individuals, with nearly twice that amount making up the alumni base.

This affords both graduates and students a much wider base for networking purposes, which is something that encompasses six different continents. MBA programs can be pursued not only at the main campus in Edinburgh but those located in both Malaysia and Dubai as well. A wide number of established partnerships with other schools allow students to take classes at these international campuses, some in-person and others by distance learning.

There are seven core courses taught by EBS, with accommodations made for the international approach of the school. That means that these classes have instructors speaking in either English, Spanish, Chinese or Arabic, depending on the particular locale. Final semester exams are given in both June and December.

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    Excellent place to work (best ever, actually). Super nice and cooperative people 🙂 Great campus for lunch break walks

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    Flexible MBA program with world wide reputation.

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    Very high academic level.

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    Extremely high quality of teaching staff

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    I love Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University, Communicating with staff members has been so great. I highly appreciate the fast response rate every time I have a question or a request. The student portal is incredible and easily accessible on any device. I haven’t felt like a distance learner so far due to the high engagement. I would recommend EBS over and over again.

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    Excellent quality material and rigorous assessment. A truly professional MBA.

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