First opening its doors in 1906, the EDHEC Business School’s main campus is located in Lille, France, with four other institutions located in France, England and Singapore. The two domestic branches can be found in Paris and Nice, while London serves as the home base for British-based students.

The acronym representing the school stands for Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord, with students able to obtain bachelor and master’s degrees, as well as a doctorate. Students seeking the advanced degrees can choose between instruction that’s entirely in English or a combination of French and English.

EDHEC Business School is a research institution that targets all of its focus in the areas of economics, the law, finance and accounting. One segment of this group is zeroed in on assessing risk and asset management.

The wide scope of the school, with multiple branches, explains the student population of approximately 6,000. Over 130 full-time instructors and over 800 who serve in an adjunct role teach those individuals.

The campuses in Lille and Nice serve as the school’s chief nerve center, with the other three segments dealing with research and training. This includes frequent interaction with companies that conduct such efforts.

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    School where he is also nice to study than to teach! The new campus is a marvel with many sports facilities and everything you need to succeed.

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    EDHEC is really a good school but the location is not so ideal

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    Such a bad experience with this school! Unprofessional!

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    This B school has excellent teachers and students as well. Lot of events happen all the times. The student run committees are really active and helpful to peer students.

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    School where it is pleasant to study. Quality education and recognized.
    Too much heated by cons! The school is also relatively far from Lille and a little while.

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    very good school, great pride for the region

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    Good schools not only teach students to learn the content of books, should teach students to learn to respect others, even the best education, if students learn not to respect others on society and the State is simply a burden, which is the school and education community tragedy.

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    Very good school on a modern campus. Negative: not enough lively and poorly located

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    One of the most beautiful campuses in France, international. A student and community life (more than 50 various associations) rewarding. A faculty of the prestigious allowing you to have a solid background for the future.

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