The Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et Management, also known as ESCEM has its main campus in Tours, though students also matriculate in Orleans and Poitiers. Opened in 1998, the school’s origins were the direct by-product of a merger between dual business schools in Tours and Poitiers.

The school is geared to engage students in a variety of projects during the course of study, all of which are meant to prepare them to make a smooth transition into the business world. Those degrees range from two-year diplomas all the way to Master’s degrees, with students ending up having nine different areas of specialization to choose from, each of which has been designed to address pertinent business segments.

The approximately 2,800 students that attend ESCEM are able to use the school’s wide network of business partners, which consists of 400 direct partnerships. That number is less than one-tenth the amount of other businesses that the school has connections with through the professional staffing service, Global Employment Solutions.

Following an aborted merger that briefly made ESCEM a part of what became known as France Business School, the institution became a component of the La Rochelle Business School, beginning with the 2016-17 academic year.

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    School amount in power, to touch everything and giving a lot of opportunities / career opportunities, as well as all the necessary cards to complete each project.

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    How to judge a school that will disappear?

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    Good school complete and innovative training.

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    Business School.
    Many community projects that allow students to flourish.
    Openness to international with the opening of two campuses in Asia (Shanghai, Beijing).

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    The evening and the people who frequent it are great!

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