The Pau Business School, translated from École supérieure de commerce de Pau, has approximately 1,300 students studying business that’s largely viewed from an international perspective. One of the distinct differences between Pau and other business schools is that roughly half of the students seeking advanced business degrees are working two-year apprenticeships.

That ability to take part in the actual day-to-day operations of a company is possible through partnerships with up to as many as 700 different businesses. The percentage of students is considered to be one of the highest among French business schools.

Instruction is handled by a faculty that includes 48 full-time teachers, a handful that are affiliated with the school and more than 250 instructors that serve on a part-time basis. Among the student population are anywhere from 70 to 100 international students.

The school was created in 1969 and has developed academic programs that allow students to obtain double diplomas. One of the most prominent in that category is the French-Indian MBA, which allows students to gain knowledge while working with large international companies. In addition, training modules that cover eight specific business facets are taught over a short-term basis to an estimated 1,600 people.

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    On intègre non seulement une grande école de commerce mais surtout une très grande famille.

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    Certaine une petite École parmi les Business School, mais on y est au TOP !!!!

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