At La Rochelle Business School, a translation of École supérieure de commerce de La Rochelle, educating the approximately 3,400 students that matriculate at the school means offering important business instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business or a bachelor of business administration in international management can lead to higher degrees.

Those include a master’s in management, along with a specialized MBA. In the latter category, it is taught in conjunction with the University of Quebec in Montreal. Such specializations can include areas pertaining to luxury marketing, management of supply chains, hospitality and strategic planning.

In the case of the management master’s, a student will spend anywhere from six to twelve months abroad at one of La Rochelle’s partner schools. The range of MBA’s expanded in 1999 to broaden the scope of what such studies cover beyond the traditional approach to advanced business study.

The school was created in 1988 and is part of the Grandes Ecoles network of French educational institutions. Among the student population, roughly 600 international students from at least 30 different countries can be found. These individuals come from nations such as the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Russia.

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    Good school, I have excellent feedback from several students who have had the privilege of being formed within this structure

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    A very good international dimension to business school offering numerous courses, with the possibility to attend classes in English or French.

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