The EBS Business School began operations in 1971 and is located in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany. The school also includes a component devoted to the law, which is located in Wiesbaden, with one of the main aspects of the value that comes from attending being the level of research conducted by the faculty. The knowledge gained is then passed along to the attending students.

The ability to obtain an undergraduate or master’s degree is bolstered further by short-term programs, executive education opportunities and the chance to pursue a doctorate. Among the master’s programs, students can obtain an advanced degree in areas such as management, automotive management, real estate and finance.

Scholarships are available to students, along with financing options. Those scholarships may comes from EBS or they may be derived from businesses that are seeking to groom the next generation of individuals that can make their mark in the business world. In some cases, those companies may offer financing to students.

EBS also seeks to enhance the learning process through the availability of personal coaches for students. These individuals offer a wide range of support and provide valuable bits of advice along the way.

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    I spent half a year at this school for exchange. All I wanna say is I meet great guys and it is a sweet memory.

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