Durham University Business School is situated in an area that has prized educational pursuits for centuries, with the parent university having been around since the early part of the 19th Century. Located in Durham, the school opened in 1965 and currently offers both undergraduate and advanced degrees that extend as far as doctorates.

The different areas of study are focused on core segments like Finance and Economics, with studies offered to either full-time, part-time students or those taking advantage of distance learning technologies.

The legacy of Durham is such that connections have been forged with countless companies. The research partnerships that have emerged have ended up helping those businesses and also providing instructors with information that can be passed on the students attending the school.

The approach in having a base of international students among its collective body has resulted in alumni that can be found on over 100 different countries. Partnerships with other international institutions allow Durham University Business School students to take advantage of instruction in those other countries. It also allows for a deeper international knowledge following graduation.

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