The Cranfield School of Management was officially established in 1967, yet its roots actually date back three decades before that period. After first serving as an airbase for the RAF, post-war activity was focused on aeronautical training. Eventually, an evolution took place that focused the instruction in management principles, with the first MBA program beginning in 1964.

Located in Cranfield, amid the countryside of Bedfordshire, the School of Management is primarily focused on creating a stronger pipeline of future business leaders. This includes programs that are geared toward executive development, while the standard curriculum offers advanced degrees that include MBA’s, Master of Science programs, and Executive DBA and doctoral programs.

Within the latter two categories, research is one of the key aspects involved in obtaining that recognition. Specific areas of research are devoted to any number of business components, including systems, logistics and entrepreneurship.

To foster greater educational development, Cranfield School of Management has agreements with schools all around the world. At least 10 different schools in geographically diverse areas such as North America and Africa are in this group.

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