The Coventry Business School (CBS) is one part of Coventry University, opening its doors in 1990, nearly three decades after the beginnings of the main university. Three specific areas of business serve as the cornerstone of CBS: Accounting, Economics and Finance; Management and Marketing; as well as Strategy and Leadership.

In order to give students the most up-to-date information regarding the world of finance, an academic trading floor has been set up within the school. This offers news from some of the same sources that are used in every financial market in the world.

For the area pertaining to management and marketing, the focus is primarily in the direction of three segments: Human Resources, Advertising, as well as Sport and Event Management.

CBS stakes a constantly fluid approach to the concept of strategy and leadership, considering that circumstances change and every organization is not set up in the same fashion. That means that the instructors use research on current trends and past successes in those areas, which helps to prepare their students for what to expect after they graduate.

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    I am a first year student law and practise. its so nice. The teaching and class structure. I will recommend coventry uni to anyone

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    I have studied BA Hons International Business Management there and I’d loved every moment! Thanks Coventry Uni !

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    In terms of it’s ART and Design philosophies I would say it’s “okay” and by that i mean it has a long way to go.

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    ……….ehmmmm….lets just say there’s always room for improvement……….but they do hold it down in terms of brick and mortar facilities, infrastructure…….no shortage of public computers

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    Poor teaching structure, modules that relate tenuously, inadequate technology resources for “no.1 modern university of the year. feel like i’ve been scammed.

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    Well during the years 2007/2008 i was enrolled at Coventry University to attend the MBA master in marketing.
    The university was full of mind control/brain Washing system.
    Although i paied all the fees related to the full year, they did not allow me to study and perform better with all the consequences that I had in looking for an intership later!
    I really hope the situation after 9 years has changed!
    To be honest what happens was about only the business school, i cannot say about different areas as i did not practice directly!

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    The university is the heart of the city of Coventry.

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    I’m a third year BA Business Management student and love the Uni’s modern teaching style’s,building’s and diverse culture’s

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    Studying at Embedded Microelectronics and Wireless Systems at Coventry exposed me to my inner strength. The Lecturers especially Panos and Brusey were helpful towards my success.

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    Just had to call in to inform something that had happened to my son leaving him injured. the two people I spoke to were very rude and uncaring . Still shaking with surprise and anger. He actually said he didn’t want to know despite what he had gone through may affect his well being whilst there thank god we are not international students and we live close by.

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    I am still currently a student of Coventry university, I am doing my masters in International Business. The teacher Sarfraz Khan is a racist in previous year I went to upper management filled in my complaint with witnesses and 2 managers present and they still did not give him the sack. secondly Coventry University is not good for british students because they put you in groups with non english speakers mainly chinese students and they force you to work together, so your group presentations will be poor effecting your final grade. I have done all the hard work and they just sit together and talk in their own language. this is not the university i signed up too. The pass grade is alot easier I am doing Masters but the work im recieveing is HND, so they are just passing the students. Coventry is a poor dull,city with tower blocks everywhere and weird spaghetti junctions with a world war 2 post modern era. The Univeristy is the main attraction which boosts Coventry economy how sad is that. So they will take as much students as they can. Each interntional student has 60,000 bill to pay including education and accomditation. its a big business.Coventry university is about quantity of students not quality of students. this can be in alot of UK univerisities because the UK government and Chinese Government have done some deal for international students. Very poor experience a student of Coventry for 4 years never recommend anyone here.

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    The school have a very good standard learning, and also a nice environment

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    I cannot believe that it took over 1 week to accept my referral on Clearing! I called up every day and they kept saying tommorow! In that time, accommodation became FULL and I could not sort out student finance or open my bank account as a result.

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    Msc civil Engineering was a blast, you get as much as you choose to, definitely worth the while.

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    A great and prospering university I would recommend for each of the courses they hold. Though organisation can sometimes be unorderly, the university is headed to a bright future and so are all of its students.

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    I’m 3rd year civil engineering student. This uni is wonderful

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    Would I recommend it? No, but if you have no other offers this could be your only choice. City is a bit boring and dull to be fair.

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    Done my honours degree now doing post grad as well so yh can’t really fault it

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    Great opportunities for meeting prospective employers if you are studying Design.

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    Eopneunge University football field on .. ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ people who love football kkaejyeoyo tremendous romance to.

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    I am about to enroll MSc oil and gas management at Coventry University

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    I agree with Robin. Dreadful communication and customer service. This is not a good university.

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    Great location and staff are helpful. Big downside is the marking criteria. They squash a year’s worth of subject into 3 months and expect you to learn it all. This uni is very unorganised.
    On induction days they take you to the auditoriums and give a glimpse of the harrier, but when you actually start your course, you never ever see them again. This uni has great potential, but it concentrates more in the night life.

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    First thing I would like to point out is that the vast majority of reviews consist of a mere sentence, This is indicative of a university which constantly tries to cover its tracks and hide its mistakes, I would imagine the university has urged each member of its staff to post a hollow five star review to cancel out the genuine discourse. (but that is just cynical speculation, something i have become very well educated in whilst at cov uni)

    A University which is constantly uncooperative and difficult, Late to post timetables, late to deliver results, lectures are often too short (usually due to tutors having hair appointments, or have to collect their car from the MOT garage or suchlike) and the laziness and bloody mindedness of even administrative staff will cause inconvenience, I had the pleasure of asking a lady why my timetable wasn’t posted when it was meant to be as i had to inform my part time employers of my educational arrangements, I was told that “full time students are expected to prioritise study” a sentiment which i shared and as such was astounded by her bad attitude in trying to find out so i could fit my job around uni.

    Needless to say I could write a bloody dissertation on how thoroughly dissapointed i am at having chosen Coventry. They need to buck their ideas up before they become the national laughing stock they are well on their way to becoming

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    We went to several shows here, was a great looking uni

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    Great for the city centre campus and going out in town plenty of places to party and drink

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    Best University for Automotive Engineering !!

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    First year student in Business and Leadership Management, loved the tutor and lecturer that give the best explanation and also the best example with the material that is presented to the student. it make it very clear.

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  29. 4

    I enjoyed my time at Coventry university

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    This union may be, can hold also for the people of Sabah, Malaysia!

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    Outstanding English and Languages departments. Student support and the overall student experience are second to none.
    I came out with a double 1st.
    I cannot recommend Coventry University highly enough; the city is safe, vibrant and culturally diverse enough to add to the overall university experience.

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    This university is total rip off, a very big mistake. I am looking for ways to sue them

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    Coventry University is all the things I was looking for. It’s a dream come true and I’m enjoying my PG course.

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  34. 5

    The city itself is a dump, but the Coventry University staff and resources are very good.

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    Poor faculty communication, making the overall experience of taking a degree awful. I had to go to the finance department at least once a week, to clear up my finances, for 2 years!! that’s insane..
    The teachers are incredibly good, and Very unclear of what they expect from you since one teacher will give a paper an excellent mark and another teacher will give same paper a fail.

    for a sum of more than £8.000 a year the University is NOT worth it..

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    I would like to be a part of this University to be sure.

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  37. 5

    Quite great facilities, really good friends but a bit quiet in the evening.

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  38. 5

    Great University, just finished first year and I can say that i loved every bit of it. Lecturers were friendly, easy to contact and cater for your needs.

    complete opposite of college where I hated it

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  39. 5

    Great uni..highly recommend to any one who wants a balance of education and a life..glad I came.

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    Happy to be part of Coventry University…Excellent University…

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    probably the best uni i have ever driven through

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    I want to study MBA there…itz my wish…

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    Im a second year psychology student and I love the uni and the city. The city is rough around the edges but nothing any new student wont get used to. Nightlife is more than good enough Kasbah have many live acts playing there. Be careful what areas of Coventry you go in to though as some are not so student friendly, but overall great university with supportive lecturers and interesting modules.

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    Useless university, Marking system based on double standards to please the special group of students to attract them more and more (Chinese students) just for better finances. so If you are a Chinese student and want good grade rather then quality of education, this is for you!!

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    I have been living in Coventry from several years but it was 2011 when I became a student at cov uni in civil engineering dept. It’s nice uni. In the town. Buildings are really close to one another. Staff are great n helpful. Lecturers delivers remarkable lectures. I would definitely recommend this to everyone especially for civil engineering.

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  46. 2

    This is a useless university.. Coventry is a dead town with low lifes and a high crime rate. I regret choosing this University.

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  47. 5

    My daughter disappointment to attain the extra 10 points due to most unfortunate circumstances that would allow her entry into NTU, regretably NTU did not want to listen or apprecaite the unusal state that caused her to miss out some of her exams. This rejection turned into joy and pleasant surprise with Coventry accepting her on her merits and excellent sporting achievement and involvements. Staff were brilliant, supportive and really nice and well mannered. They made her feel important and welcomed. from accommodation they were excellent, over all they were remarkable and excellent in every way. I feel my daughter is in safe hands and I, as an international conference lecturer and I will endorse and promote them thrugh my business circles here and abroad

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    This is not Richard Young’s address so avoid at all costs.

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  49. 5

    Great campus. Good practical teaching. Had a superb bunch of classmates. Good in ranking but comparably low tuition fees. Wish Cov Uni all the best.

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  50. 1

    Worst staff I’ve ever dealt with, in an organization. Clueless. Never take guilt for any mistakes they make, so prepare to PAY for their mistakes, in cash or by debit. Coventry University is nothing but a waste of time and money.

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