The Cardiff School of Management is a component of Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC), with the parent school first opening as The School of Art in 1865. Within the School of Management are six specific areas of study students pursue, which include basics like Business Studies and advance to areas like Tourism and Hospitality Management, along with Computing and Information Systems.

The school is located in Llandaff, with the most recent name change for the school coming after the dissolving of many of the connections with the University of Wales. The schools still share certain leadership, though changes in such things as the awarding of degrees resulted in UWIC adopting its current name.

In 2010, one year before the end of that partnership, the main areas for School of Management students opened up. The structure encompasses virtually all of the activities for the School. This includes instructional rooms and lecture halls, easy access to other sections of the building and areas for students to both relax and study. The School offers courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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    Had 3 fantastic years at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Loved the course and enjoyed spending time on the Llandaff campus which has some great facilities. My lecturers were helpful and always around if you needed them for anything.

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    If you wish to leave a comment concerning the impending destruction of Llandaff Meadow by this ‘university’ it will be deleted by them!! They don’t appreciate too much criticism.

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    Cardiff Metropolitan University, Llandaff Campus

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    Lecturers pretty useless, weren’t very helpful and were quite rude. Must say sports there was great though

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    Great Place to do your Masters in Business Administration .

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    Just completed my MSc at Cardiff Met, enjoyed my time and the support from the lecturers. This small university i got to know quite a few people and they made me feel welcome.

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    It is a great environment to research and experience a real academic university life. With its two nice campuses in the beautiful city of Cardiff, Cardiffmet gives new inspirations to open new doors.

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    What a waste of time, honestly learnt nothing, wasn’t treated fairly was completely unorganised really wish i knew what i was getting my self in to, really wouldnt recoomend this university for Art and Design

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    Great University! Mature student on Business Foundation. Care for students amazing. Help and quality of course brilliant…. much better than Cardiff University!

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    The best college in Singapore to learn and get yourself ready for professional careers. Good exposure to foreign students as well

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    The management of this university is turning it into dumpster. You can tell no one what they can and cannot say. Gender equality can be achieved but not by limiting students freedom of speech. Good job turning one of the oldest universities into a joke.

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    Cardiff University has a greater value!

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    Amazing facilities for a product designers. Stunning buildings. I wanted to go back to university!!

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    One of the best university in the UK. The lecturers are exceptionally brilliant and the international office staff are the best. I love Cardiffmet

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    I’m enthusiastic to carry out my post graduation here in ensuing session and optimistic about it . Hope to share my experience in due course of time.

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    One of the Best universities in UK related to sports subjects and rated over 20 around Europe in sport Management .COSMA .

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    Quite miss my time of undergraduate there. Love Cardiff Met!

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    Never go to this university if you are doing an art & design course. Absolutely disgraceful place. I was treated so poorly in my final year and marked completely wrongly and unjustly. I have had to complain numerous times. There are favourites who are the only ones who get support. They mark entirely subjectively and the tutors in the textiles course need reassessing. All the staff cover up each other’s mistakes and their reputations are untouchable. Absolutely pathetic. AVOID PLEASE!

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    Studied and worked there!! Am amazing place to study…great infrastructure with well qualified teaching staff…enjoyed my life while there!!!!

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    Was gutted to leave in my last year because of health issues. Want to go back one day for my degree. Lovely tutors and atmosphere. Kevin

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    I only had the best experience studying BA Ceramics at the CSAD. With the most wonderful, enthusiastic, ever inspiring and professional tutors such as Natasha Mayo, Duncan Ayscough or Ingrid Murphy.
    In great new building with amazing facilities, and support from the Student Support Services.
    But it really depends on Your course, and the SU is annoying.

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