Located in Cardiff, Wales, the Cardiff Business School was opened in 1987 as a component of Cardiff University. The school is located roughly two hours away from London, with approximately one-quarter of the 3,000 students that annually matriculate to the campus pursuing advanced degrees.

The combination of business instruction and research are the cornerstones of the Cardiff Business School’s philosophy. In addition to the undergraduate options available, students can seek the standard MBA which Cardiff positions as one that focuses on international aspects and offers a more hands-on approach. This works in tandem with the international population of students that make up the learning contingent.

Another MBA option for all students can be directed in the area of media management, while the Executive MBA is designed for individuals currently in the business world. Other Master of Science programs zero in on specific areas of the business world, such as marketing, economics and accounting.

Joining the Executive MBA option is a program for Executive Education that takes advantage of the aforementioned research in offering a more contemporary focus on pertinent concerns.

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