The origins of the Canterbury Christ Church University begin with the Church of England’s decision in the early 1960’s to open a training school for teachers at the church’s own schools.

Opened in 1962, the scope of the school began to expand by the following decade, with an official undergraduate degree in teaching offered. Joint honors degrees were awarded in 1977, followed over a decade later by the establishment of a health studies curriculum.

A name change to Canterbury Christ Church University College in 1995 was an effort to ward off any confusion with similarities to a school in New Zealand and one connected to Oxford University. Once the school achieved full university status a decade later, it adopted its current name.

The main campus has multiple buildings to serve different functions such as Canterbury Augustine House, Hall Place Enterprise Centre, Sidney Cooper Gallery and St. George’s Centre. Housing things like the library and student services, residence rooms and instruction for advanced degrees, additional campuses can be found in Kent, the result of a partnership with the University of Medway.

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    Fantastic uni, really enjoying my time here.

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    I attended Christchurch for my PGCE then later part time for my Master’s degree. I really enjoyed studying here and the teaching was first rate. They were extremely supportive of me having a baby to look after and my tutor arranged tutorials around me, even let me bring him along to a few.

    This was very different to my alma mater, The University of Kent, who told me I couldn’t do a Master’s degree, a full time job and have a baby. Christchurch found a way to support me through it and I gained a Distinction.

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    I had participate in two events with this institution, both were dissatisfying. The whole place is surrounded by walls and controlled gates, narrow alley, the whole place looks like an abbey with activities for monks, you can feel the “we’re watching you” feeling and that staff sit on the high horse there, although you pay them about £30k for a three years undergrad.
    I visited an open day which was not open and went there for some marketing campaign which was monitored and you are regulated and oversees by staff. Exactly the opposite than Kent Uni.
    There is no ENGINEERING or real PROGRAMMER faculties, but useless “homemaker subjects” for dreaming little girls who are waiting for the prince, just like TONS of childminding, animal welfare, etc. If you wanna make money with your actually useful degree and not just a shop assistant one, DO NOT CHOOSE Christ Church. Disorganised facilities, insolent, childish staff. Additionally, the whole “catholic feeling” is over you if you are there, with the fact the main landscape is a chapel…ridiculous. I can imagine the mindset of the teachers/authorities there. It’s not for atheists. Do not waste your time and money.

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    University is an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in various academic disciplines. This place is an educational institution of UK . . . 🙂

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    Really enjoyed my time here on the nursing course…. plenty good times… over 50 pubs within the city walls – now come on…

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    this place is awesome! oops, i butt typed that!

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    Great science department with passionate about science staff and always ready to help lab staff

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    Just an amazing experience, I have no regrets. These past three years have set me up for the rest of my life.

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    I have my15 y old daughter completing an English Summer Course here. The first week has passed and all they have done is a very poor blog where they are posting internet searches that they do about Canterbury and its history. There has been no review from the teacher on the text, thus it contains errors, and the students are working in small groups made of students from the same country. Hardly speaking any English!!! The school has made the assumption that students of the same age have the same level of English, another big mistake. Classes are boring, very. I do not recommend this school at all. Bad choice!

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    With all things considered, Christ Church is a solid University. Definitely recommend it to any sixform students thinking about heading into further education. Also, Canterbury city itself is amazing!

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    I can’t speak on behalf of every course but the business school has a selection of disinterested tutors who offer no help or guidance and make numerous organizational errors. Stuff like waiting months longer than you should to get back graded pieces of work as well as having deadlines and word counts shifted mid assignment. You will NOT get value for your money from this university just a selection of washed-up failures that claim they are lectures reading off PowerPoint’s, who wont even have the common courtesy to answer an email regarding the syllabus.

    Aside from the poor teaching standards the facilities are awful. The library should not be called a library. Out of 200 plus computers 20 are located in the ‘Quite zone’. Right okay because I really enjoy the rest of the library being incredibly loud all day with lectures taking place on some of the main floors. That’s okay surely you can use some of the computers on campus instead when the library is full and noisy? Wrong. During the busiest period of the year lectures thought it would be a good Idea to book up these rooms for the whole days for their own personal use. One person really needs 30+ computers. Surely you would have the brains to book a teaching room that has one computer not a full computer room so that the people paying to be here cant work?

    Please take note of this warning you will NOT enjoy the learning experience this university has to offer and will waste your money.

    As the University seems to enjoy fiddling with the surveys they produce I can only agree with other comments that the 5 star reviews are just staff profiles not to be taken seriously.

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    As with any university, you get out what you put in. If you’re a dedicated student who wants to achieve and attain, the staff here will support you greatly and will always put time aside for you. You don’t have to be averaging 80, just show that *you* care for your *own* education. This university does, however, suffer from a lot of ‘bad’ students. You know the sort, they leave everything to the last minute, try and copy your assignments, expect the lecturer to help them at 11pm when an assignment is due at midnight. Essentially, they blame everyone but themselves for their lackluster performances. It must be a indictment of secondary education that students walk in to a university and expect to be spoon- fed, and to a few of them, it’s a surprise they aren’t spoon-fed “What do you mean I have to research and do my own work? Is this some kind of university!?” My inner-circle of friends all walked out of this university and into a job in their field, some of which are earning very good money. We simply would not have been afforded that opportunity without CCCU.

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    worst university experience. I would never suggest any international student espically from india to for any teaching course.

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    I have nothing but positive things to say about Canterbury Christ Church University. The three years I have spent here have been the most inspiring, testing, eye-opening, wonderful years of my life so far and I intend to return here for my Postgraduate studies. Every University has it’s flaws, however my personal experience has been nothing short of wonderful. In a Religious Studies course, the lecturers have vast knowledge of their respective fields and motivate and deeply encourage each and every student, going above and beyond to ensure each individual pushes themselves to limits previously unknown and seemingly unreachable. The campus itself is beautiful and has provided me and many others on my course with part-time work, maintaining the community feel to the University.
    I truly feel any individual considering a University degree would benefit hugely from attending CCCU. I have achieved things I never thought were possible and have made life-long friends. Needless to say there will be a lot of tears when the time comes to separate. In short, from the moment you arrive at CCCU you are made to feel part of a community, and this is certainly the case for the Religious Studies Course. A close-knit relationship is maintained between students and most members of staff and students on the course form friendships very easily. Perhaps I got lucky with the students who attended this year as we all get along so well, but I am very very happy to say it has been a true privilege to attend this University and to meet the people I have.

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    Please ignore the negative reviews if you are considering coming to CCCU. I knew immediately that this was the university I wanted to come to, 5 years ago now, despite not even having applied yet. The campus is fantastic, the library is brilliant and the lecturers (I am specifically talking about the Religious Studies department) are all fantastic. I have been listened to, supported and have had my needs catered for excellently throughout my three years at CCCU, and I am incredibly sad to have to leave. Canterbury is a beautiful city, and the university is close to the town, and very good accommodation for first year students, as well as being close to the majority of accommodation for those privately renting. Canterbury Christ Church University is a fantastic university, I couldn’t recommend it more!

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    The last three years I have spent at Canterbury Christ Church University have been the best of my life so far. Studying at this institution has provided me with a number of key transferrable skills I can apply in the job market. It has widened my knowledge of Sociology more than I could have asked for, provided me with great advice whether it is academically or employability wise through the services it offers and introduced me to some people who I consider to be life long friends. Although there may have been a few hiccups along the way, they haven’t been anything that a quick meeting or email could not sort out. From comparing my experiences with people from other Universities who are given little support contact with tutors or staff, I feel very lucky to be at this University where I have not encountered these problems.

    Although I cannot speak for all the staff within this University the ones I have come across have been truly supportive, kind and generous in the time they provide for meetings and discussing work with me. I have received my work back promptly with excellent detailed feedback and my queries have (normally) been answered within 24hours of sending an email.

    I would highly recommend Canterbury Christ Church as a great University for people to come and study at and I am sad to be graduating this summer.

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    I’ve seen negatively reviews on here for CCCU and it saddens me to see this. Like any university it has it flaws… sometimes there aren’t enough computers in the library – when assignments are all around the same time, which is something you’ll find at every uni, all the students rush to the library to write their essays last minute. That’s the students, not the uni. During normal term time there are plenty of computers and I solved this issues myself rather easily… take your laptop. I studied Sociology and the tutors were all very passionate about their discipline and it shone through in energetic lectures. There were a few exceptions of grumpy lecturers and late emails (they’re human too) but generally we got assignments back on time and the majority were absolutely lovely, I can’t fault them! I also firmly believe that you will get out of this university what you put in. The more you do and the more you instigate help and assistance from lecturers the more support you’ll get. I have never once been turned away from the lecturer when asking for help. They give excellent feedback on work, more than just a tick or well done, they help guide you on what is wrong and how to improve. I know that each discipline is different and the experience of the university is different for every individual, I’d say ignore the negative and go to the university for yourself and speak to the lecturers and the staff. I’m proud to have attended CCCU, it’s more than just 3 years of study, it has transformed my life and it is down to the lovely environment, atmosphere and the amazing people I have met.

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    As a mature student (I started my under-graduate degree aged 30) attending Uni was a potentially a very daunting thing. However, Christ Church is both relaxed and laid-back whilst extremely professional. After 13 years or so in work before attending Uni, those were important traits to me.
    The only reason I haven’t given 5 stars is because aspects such as The Student Union are not geared in anyway towards anyone above 21 really. Although I expect this is the case anywhere, so I don’t hold it against them. Thoroughly recommend 🙂

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    Before I begin my review I just wanted to respond to the negative reviews that I have read. I am honestly sad to read that other people have not had a good time at this university as i had. I wish that there is something that I could have said or done to help those who have had a bad time here or struggled in some way. University is supposed to be that period in one’s life that everyone looks back on fondly.

    I chose this university based on its location, wide open campus and that the course I wanted to do was interesting. I enjoyed my time as an undergraduate here, which further reinforced my decision to do a post-graduate. I have never looked back and am glad that I chose to spend my time there.

    For me to say that this university is perfect is obviously impossible as there is no such thing as perfection in a person, let alone in an institution. However, I can honestly say that if I had a problem during my time here, it was quickly rectified by talking to the right people. This university is also expanding in several areas with the purchase of the old prison site to provide even more space for computers, students and lecture rooms.

    I wish to end my review with one final thought; we are all different, this impacts upon our perception of the world and how we interact with it. Don’t let others (or even myself) completely influence your decision on where to study, come and see for yourself.

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