While the latest incarnation of this institution of higher learning changed its name to Buckinghamshire New University in 2007, the legacy of the school dates back to 1891. It was when what was simply known as the School of Science and Art first opened its doors. Since that time, four other name changes took place until Buckinghamshire was announced.

During its time as the Wycombe Technical Institute after the conclusion of World War I, the education involved dealt with furniture making and cabinetry. The main reason for that specific focus was to provide an avenue for returning soldiers to obtain work.

A 1975 merger with an art and technology school in High Wycombe helped expand the curriculum. A final push in evolving from a university college into a full-fledged university took eight years before it was completed in 2007.

Besides the namesake location, other campuses can be found in Uxbridge, West London and High Wycombe. The school offers unique programs that focus on such things as pilot training and music management. However, the school does also offer standard educational options.

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    In my 2nd year now and I have loved every minuet of it so far 😀

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    BNU has been a great learning experience for myself. The lecturers are caring and attentive, always willing to help and the material has helped me grow professionally in order to become work ready. The careers department is incredibly helpful allowing, through their temp agency, students to supplement their learning with relevant work that is invaluable to leaving as a well rounded individual about the tackle the “real world”. So many opportunities have come out of my time at BNU and I have loved studying here.

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    I thought this was a rubbish uni when I went there but looking back and comparing it to the uni I am at now they are quite good actually. The facilities are great, the library is open 24 hours well it was when I was there in 2013. The teachers were very supportive when I struggled. The counseling service was helpful and nice. High Wycombe is not a nice place and its boring as hell but its close to London so its good for after you graduate. The building is really big as well. I definitely felt like I was at university here and although there was a lack of clubs I still had a great time here. I wish I’d not dropped out and stayed.

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    It was great…back in 1993-1995…looks so much different now…thanking all lecturers; Barbara Bousfield, Sandy, Reggie, Alan, Peter Shine, everybody…including mrs.Kingston

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    if i could i would score it 0 stars. worst decision of my whole life, high wycombe itself is the most depressing place ive ever been to, lectures dont really seem to care much about students and the uni and its su is a joke. if you want a great student life and a nice place to live please dont choose new bucks, you’ll regret it i promise you

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    Got my 1st degree here and I hated the course and rubbish lecture. Back for second degree and I’m amazed how things has changed

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    I just love it and will be joining soon. Great atmosphere for studying.My sister Dia is at this Uni and she says it’s the best University ever.

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    My relative is a lecturer there and although it is small and in a bad location (high Wycombe very boring) everyone knows each other and is a very friendly and supportive collage

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    It was the best university for me, fell in love with it from the moment I visited as a tour before chosing it as my place of study. I would recommend to anyone, the lecturers are so helpful and nice, the university it self is also very nice and spacious. If I could go back there I would without any doult…I TRUELY LOVED IT!

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    The building and the. People o met there on my first visit were amazing and helpful; it look like a good uni but the distance is far way awkward.

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    Amazing University and good student town! I would recommend it to everyone

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    Bucks was my home for three years, and that is plenty, thankyou very much. My actual uni experience was great..but the strange little town of High Wycombe is at the bottom of valley both physically and emotionally. I suppose this added to my eagerness to escape and attack my chosen career with full gusto. The lack of local entertainment meaning focusing on studies was one of the few activities to engage in to escape boredom. As a result, my education was a good one. High Wycombe 0 – Me 1.

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    It is a small university, but that means that all the lectures know your name, you are not just a number to them. I started there in 2007 and so much improved in my 3 years, the uni will only get better and better. A fantastic 3 years, that flew by!

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