The Brunel Business School is part of Brunel University London, though the actual location is in the town of Uxbridge, which is west of London. The school offers business classes at the undergraduate level, as part of the curriculum’s MBA and master’s program and as part of the doctoral process.

Approximately two-thirds of the roughly 2,300 students are at the undergraduate level, with another 25 percent taking master’s classes. The remainder of this group, approximately 180 individuals, make up the doctoral program.

To earn an MBA, students attend classes on a full-time basis for one year or over the course of two years when done on a part-time basis. The remaining nine master’s classes are designed for different segments of business and industry, ranging from one with an international focus to two separate ones that pertain to human resources.

One major focus of the instruction is implementing the research that’s derived from an estimated 80 percent of the faculty. In addition, knowledge transfer partnerships with businesses offer the latter information to help their business and can serve as networking possibilities.

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