Bournemouth University (BU) was so named in 1992, yet the school has a history that dates long before that time. More than a century ago, Bournemouth Municipal College was created, serving as more of a prep school for the University of London than an actual spot for higher education.

During the 1970’s, a pair of name changes resulted in the school first becoming the Bournemouth College of Technology, followed by the Dorset Institute of Higher Education just a few short years later. In the decade prior to reaching university status, a major effort to bolster the curriculum was made, adding a wide range of different areas of instruction.

BU currently has two campuses, the Talbot and Lansdowne, with the Talbot serving as the central area for the main university. The Lansdowne has some classrooms mixed together with administrative buildings and residence halls for students.

Collectively, the school instructs over 19,000 students on an annual basis, with more than 75 percent of those individuals learning at the undergraduate level. The student population has tripled over the course of the last half-century.

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    Undertook a 4 year Business Studies degree here. On the whole the course and the facilities were very good. There has been significant investment in the campus and is a good place to go for anyone interested in Business.

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    faculty is horrible. cant take any actions against faculty for their biasness. discouraged to do anything. terrible career aid. provides nothing for international students.

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    I am about to graduated from this University and it has been a wonderful experience. The only reason I put 4 starts is because I believe there is always space for improvements in education. The campus is amazing and always growing with a focus in making student life better. The lectures are well prepare in academic and also professional areas. They will always challenge you and push you to give more. I am really happy with my experience here, I always got the support I need and I will recommend anyway to join the BU community !! 🙂

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    Was only there for the open day but the staff were really helpful and the environment seemed great

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    As at April 2016 the entire campus is undergoing a massive building programme. Loads of new state of the art facilities in new buildings and a lot of the 70s and 80s buildings are being extensively refurbished. On the up. If you are coming here to study you will know all about your course, and hopefully what the town and the area have to offer. Rest assured the facilities are top notch too.

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    Was at an open day at the University. While parked in the Uni car park a member of staff opened their door into ours, denting and removing paint from the door.
    Upon phoning the university to request a form of contact for the person in question to sort the incident happily, they refused and were about as unhelpful as possible. They said that although they had the registration logged and the details of the member of staff on the computer, and also CCTV of them actually doing it, they weren’t going to co-operate unless it was the police contacting them.
    Shame really, they’d rather it went through insurance resulting in the owner getting a claim made against them instead of sorting it peacefully.
    Not a great impression to make to a prospective students and their family.
    I suggest the uni employs some friendly members of staff that actually care about they customers/students, not ones just waiting for their next paycheque.

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    Not what you expect from it when you first arrive at this university but it starts to grow on you.
    Don’t expect to be spoon fed information as you will need to find out for yourself. My final year only included 2x’s 1hr lectures on a Monday then no other classes to attend.
    Friendly atmosphere and enjoyable campus with more than what you need around.
    Surrounding areas are awesome – town is close by and the beach.
    Only downside is the careers advisors are very limited to field knowledge and can only act as people to speak to about your future rather than those giving you some credible information.
    Awesome 4yrs spent there with some of the most memorable moments of my life.
    Cheers BU

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    Great university, especially if we talk about talbot campus

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    Sad to say time here has been just awful….from being unable to get anything in the underfunded overcharged student halls, to being given just 5 lessons a week spread over 4 days….to the grim old buildings that still make up much of the uni and Bournemouth as a whole….to the course full of unfriendly antisocial people….to the university not caring about their students in the least unless they’re ‘LGBTQ’ or whatever other ridiculous PC label…..stay well away would be my suggestion

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    Good choice of healthy and international food in the Forum cafe..

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    There are not many parking space on Monday morning I missed quite a few lectures cause of parking.

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    Great university, with an awesome union for taking care of students

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    I applied for their Computer Animation Arts course this year and was unfortunately unsuccessful. Bournemouth is known as one of the best, if not the best Animation University in England and is up in the top ten in the world.
    If you’re interested in animation, apply there. The course combines the both art and more technical mathematical aspects together which might be somewhat off-putting for some people.
    Nowadays you don’t have to go to Bournemouth to get a good job in animation but it’s still a great place to go.
    There is one exception to what I have said though. Their interview process and practises are horrendous.
    They have about eleven staff to interview you on the day, which is fine but only a couple of these staff actually teach on the animation course. The result of this is that you might get interviewed by someone who teaches computer science, or in my case, film. The enormous issue with this is that these technical staff does not seem to know much about animation other than what they were told, let alone art. The tutor that interviewed me was the most unenthusiastic person I have ever met and made the interview a very uncomfortable experience.
    This negativity of this review is not the result of my rejected application, but the majority of my negative points are made because their interview process can be very unfair if you happen to be interviewed by the wrong member of staff
    Course: 9/10
    Application and interview 2/10 (results may vary if you are interviewed by a member of the animation department)
    Finally, I would like to point out something in the letter of rejection.
    The part of the letter I want to emphasise reads something like this “if you are thinking about applying next year, we recommend that you take the art foundation year). This art foundation year is intended to bump up your art skills to meet the level that is required of the computer animation arts course. I don’t believe myself to be the best artist out there but why did I get accepted to Teesside University, Greenwich and Westminster for computer animation and not Bournemouth? At these other universities, I was interviewed by an animation tutor. Those three universities are good when it comes to animation, particular Teesside.
    My point is that being interviewed by someone that does not teach the course or anything art related should not be interviewing for an art related course like animation and I think that my situation is a perfect example of this

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    the best timing with the best solution (y)

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    Absolutely terrible University, learnt more in College and my previous university. the set up is terrible, some of the lecturers in the science department are beyond awful, and the amount of exams they’ve messed up for students is beyond a joke. Awful uni

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    Good learning environment, and an outstanding night life and active social atmosphere

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