Since it first began instructing students as the School of Commerce in 1902, the Birmingham Business School in Birmingham, England has focused on preparing students to enter the business world. In recent decades, that focus has been broadened to include an emphasis on international aspects that have become much more important to the world economy.

Outside events have sometimes taken precedence with respect to the facilities. During World War I, the grounds served as a place for nurses to live. However, education has continued to be the main area of concern, with thousands gaining a stronger business perspective.

One of the key reasons for more international focus is because the more than 5,000 students have individuals that hail from more than 150 countries. To aid in that quest, nearly one-third of the faculty comes from beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.

Partnerships with schools in key economic areas allows students who seek to gain a greater understanding of different international approaches a chance to see such aspects up close. These nations include the United States, Brazil, India and China.

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