The Bangor Business School (BBS) is a component of Bangor University, which is located approximately 90 minutes away from Manchester. The school encompasses a wide array of business sectors, with Finance and Banking two specific areas that account for a major part of the curriculum. In addition, the subject of Financial Economics and the concept of Econometrics join the above subjects in key areas of research.

Students that are either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level at BBS learn from instructors that have conducted research projects. This information is offered during the course of class lectures, with some of the instructors also using the research to produce copy for textbooks and articles in financial journals.

BBS Faculty has also served as consultants with key entities like the Treasury of the United Kingdom and the World Bank. To supplement the research and work, those instructors will often bring in guest speakers for learning seminars.

Part of Bangor University’s College of Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences, BBS helps provide Executive Education instruction to aid current professionals in advancing within their chosen field.

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    Needs more in the area for students and public. Cinema and bowling alley, shopping complex?. Arena for theatre? Everything is so boring if you cant travel. And uni entertainment is seasonal at best.

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    Visited the athletics facilities, they did the job.

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    High above the town by the sea. Lovely location

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    My Brother Yogendra Verma Studying here

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    I think its so convenient for study, its small city, and wonderful

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    Brilliant university with great resources, buildings and lecturers

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    History and looking beautiful

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    Awesome place for students. You have a perfect blend of awesome infrastructure and Relaxing Private life with along with centenaries of green Mountain,Seaside and Countryside, Access to everything , but not as busy a city,
    ,awesome accommodation,Classy Education, Lot’s of scholarships and opportunities related to career,Active athletic unions,Brilliant students societies. Multicultural hub
    Bangor is a city made for students 😀

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    Beautiful uni with a beautiful library

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    An lovely institution to learn and acquire knowledge

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    Good academic level

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    I wish one of my kids would study over, the city ( Bangor) is quiet and has great wether in Sumer time when I visit it. Lovely sea and canal. Good luck for every student.

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    I like uni in bangor massive and great place to study

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    Excellent uni, sea on one side and mountains the other

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    Loved every minute of my time at Bangor University. Studied Electro Acoustic composition. Brilliant course, loved the studio time, even miss it today (I graduated in 1998). Tons of hiking, cycling opportunities… highly recommend to anyone considering going there.

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    I was Bangor uni for four years and enjoyed every minute of it. I studied marine biology, so had both in Bangor and menai bridge. Bangor also has a great night life, but also just a short distance from Snowdonia for quiet serene walks.

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    Stupendous, and loved every inch of my Master’s life in Bangor !

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    Awesome club, everyone’s lovely and friendly and the training is helpful and informative

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    A good friendly club that I liked so much I even became a member of the committee. 🙂

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