The Audencia Business School is located in Nantes, France and currently has students from more than 90 countries taking part in a variety of degree programs. These include bachelors, MBA’s and masters that are both specialized and focused on international perspectives. In addition, the roughly 4,500 students can also learn through executive education instruction and also obtain doctorates.

The name of Audencia is meant to represent a merging of two words, boldness and listening, principles that school leaders have sought since the school first opened as the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Nantes in 1900. The staff of more than 100 instructors teaches classes related to business segments such as management of food and agribusiness companies, supply chain management and engineering.

Besides Audencia’s main campus in Nantes, other branches in Paris and in China are also available to students, with the school also having agreements with over 200 business schools around the world.

This allows students at those schools to matriculate at Audencia if they happen to be seeking a wider grasp of international markets. At the same time, the school’s own students have the ability to take advantage of the opportunity to further their business acumen abroad.

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    One of the best business schools in France

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    One of the best business schools in France.

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    Best City to live, and one of the best academic programs for developing future executives.

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    Best place for living and studying in France. Spring is coming. Daylights till 19:00. Flowers, birds, cats, running man…. Amazing!

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