The Aston Business School is located in Birmingham, England, and is one facet of Aston University. Opened in 1947, the original goal of the institution was to offer instruction in the area of industrial administration. Over the ensuing seven decades, that focus has expanded far beyond that relatively narrow scope and also provides a wider vision than the original intent of the main university’s beginnings over 140 years ago.

The school offers instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, while also providing options for those students who seek to pursue those degrees either online or through distance learning. Executive education classes are also offered, while the student population is made up of students from at least 130 different countries.

The school also has six different research areas set up to work with businesses in helping them gain a greater knowledge on particular aspects of their industry, including current trends. Among the areas of research that are covered in this segment are ones devoted to things like international business, human resources and working within the framework of Islamic business concerns.

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