Combining the concepts of online and distance learning with face-to-face seminars, Arden University (AU) has served as a learning source for an estimated 50,000 students since 1990. When it was created as Resource Development International, the Coventry-based educational institution was seen as a way to allow individuals to continue working as they fit learning opportunities into their busy schedule.

Currently, an estimated 90 percent of the students that live in approximately 150 countries have the chance to obtain an MBA or Master of Science in a variety of categories. Given the setup, this can be achieved at the student’s own pace.

Within the past decade, a number of changes have taken place with AU, beginning with their connection to Capella Education Company in 2011. Three years later, the school achieved university status and earned the power to award degrees. This led to the name change to Arden University the following year.

In 2016, Global University Systems purchased the school from Capella, joining its sister institutions, the London School of Business and Finance with the law school at St. Patrick’s College.

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